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The Chinese built a huge Hornet-transformer in her yard

Китаец построил огромного Шершня-трансформера во дворе своего дома

In the Chinese province of Gansu farmer with his hands gathered a huge model of one of the characters of the epic “transformers” — Bumblebee or Hornet. The man placed the statue, weighing up to two tons, in the courtyard of his house, reports the South China Morning Post.

Transformer made from parts of motorcycle and car, charged fire extinguishers and steel. Length figure the Hornet is 6.8 meters, width of his shoulders — 2.9 meters. The creation of the model lasted for four months.

Sci-Fi epic “transformers” is extremely popular in China, and a farmer from Gansu became the first local fan of the film, constructed the figure of the robot in their own backyard, writes the South China Morning Post.

Bumblebee (Hornet) is one of the most widely known characters of “Transformers”, refers to the camp of the Autobots. His nickname derives from the colour of the body yellow with black.

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