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The acting Governor of Transbaikalia decided to “banish” the Ministers in the areas

ВрИО губернатора Забайкалья решила "сослать" министров в районы

The first to threaten such “punishment” – the Deputy head of the Ministry of territorial development, which will soon be sent to the Northern area of the region – Kalar for the solution of problems of resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing.

– Recently, the regional Ministers ceased to go places to resolve sensitive issues with transport problems, with gasoline. We have this tradition revive: let the Ministers go to the regions and live there until, until will not solve the issue,” said Natalia Zhdanova, correspondent of the newspaper “the Transbaikalian worker”.

Answering the questions of residents of Chernyshevsk about the status of the regional Treasury, Natalia called the budget mournful:

– The situation in the region and in the region quite difficult. Budget sad. Have to resolve some urgent problems, it is, above all, the timely payment of public sector wages and social transfers: war veterans’, children’s allowances, – said Natalia Zhdanova. – It is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the budget priority of payments, in case you need to freeze certain types of expenses. The second task is to achieve the injections in the regional budget from the Federal government. Serious preparation for planting, fire hazardous period and to the payment of holiday pay to public sector workers.

It is worth noting that in recent times in the region remains tense situation with salary payment to workers of budgetary sphere, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda. So, just this week, the staff of the secondary school of the village Atamanovka, Chita district has suspended work due to non-payment of wages for January.

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