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Syria asked for help from Russian oil

Сирия попросила помощи у российских нефтяников

Syria appealed to major Russian oil and gas companies with a request to help rebuild the infrastructure of the fuel and energy sector of the country. This was announced by Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak, reports “Interfax”.

Treatment received at “LUKOIL”, “Gazprom Neft” and “Zarubezhneft”.

“The Syrian side has reached out to our Russian companies on participation in the recovery of oil and gas projects in infrastructure development, construction of oil and gas pipelines,” — said Novak. Specific solutions according to the Minister, Russian companies will take after analyzing the Economics of these projects.

In April, the Federation Council member Dmitry Sablin following the meeting of Russian delegation with the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad said that head of ATS intends to give companies from Russia’s highest preference in the construction and oil and gas sectors of the Republic.

In February 2016, the prospects for cooperation with Syria were discussed, “Gazprom”.

Informed Assad in an interview with RIA Novosti said that Damascus in the reconstruction of Syria will draw in Russia, China, Iran, even if the West will want to participate.

The opposition of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and rebels demanding his resignation, started in 2011 and escalated into full-scale civil war, during which the power gained by terrorist organizations. In the fighting, a significant part of oil and gas infrastructure of the country was destroyed, some came under the control of terrorists after the seizure of a number of settlements on the territory of the SAR.

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