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Sony opens mobile games Studio

Sony открывает студию мобильных игрThe main aim of our Studio is to do a mobile application based on multiple franchises and heroes games for the PlayStation.

Handheld game console PlayStation Vita has not lived up to expectations and was driven out of the market by smartphones and tablets. Sony has decided not to lose heart amid his failures, so its management decided to create a separate division, which will develop video games exclusively for the modern mobile gadgets. And the question here is not about any of the crafts, the interest will be gone in five minutes, but of the projects created on the basis of the company’s intellectual property and with the participation of famous characters.

Not so long ago we told you that Japanese publisher Nintendo has also decided to enter the market of mobile video games. But in that case it was only about these that attract the attention of the main gaming platforms of the company. But Sony aims to release a serious full-fledged games through the implementation of which is expected to make a profit. A new division, Sony has named the Forward Works, and it will deal exclusively with the development of game projects for smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets.

In terms of popular and famous franchise of characters at Sony there are no problems. To recall such series as God of War, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo, inFamous, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, Twisted Metal, and many, many others. And it is not surprising if the light will be mobile branches these most famous series, which will be able to replenish the coffers of Japanese publishers. As long as the quality of these games meet the standards that users are used to PlayStation gaming consoles.

Head Forward Works was appointed an experienced Manager Atsushi Morita, who had headed the gaming division of the company in Japan and the Asian region. Also to the guide unit assigned to Andrew house, which increasingly became the official face of the game unit of Sony lately. What do you get from the whole idea of it and will we see a truly interesting games, not just PS1 ports for iOS and Android – time will tell.

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