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Six steps to a flatter stomach

Шесть шагов к плоскому животуExperts told how to make the perfect belly.

Let’s see what exercises you should perform regularly to your stomach was perfectly flat.

So, what to make of the press was strong, and the stomach perfectly flat:

Don’t rule interval training

20 minute interval training three times a week helps to burn more abdominal fat than slow cardio training.

Do with dumbbells

Women who perform exercises lifting weight twice a week lose more belly fat than those who are not in even with dumbbells, experts say.

Try Pilates

Since the main load at the Pilates falls on the muscles of the Central part of the body, it contributes to the strengthening and development of the relief of the abdominal muscles.

Increase the speed of twisting

One of the most popular exercises for abdominal muscles – crunches. And according to experts, if you’re not a beginner to increase the effectiveness of exercise, increase the speed of their performance.

Perform effective exercises

For example, this: from the starting position lying on your back, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees, feet resting on the floor, do crunches, left elbow touching right knee and right elbow – left.

Or this:

A more complicated version of plank exercise

Get on your knees and forearms for stability put on the fitball (arms bent). Do-it-forward, straighten legs, then slowly move the ball using forearms, trying to maintain the position of the body.

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