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“Senior positions in RAO will go under the hammer”

"Руководящие посты в РАО уйдут с молотка"

In Moscow took place the meeting of the Board of the national organization “Professional Union of workers of culture “Russian authors society”, where it was decided to hold an extraordinary conference RAO for formation of new management structures. 15 April it is planned to elect copyright and Supervisory boards RAO, the audit Committee and to approve the report on the activities of the RAO for 2013-2015 and choose the audit company.

“Trade Union of workers of culture “Russian authors ‘society” – structure, which was formed by the merger of three major Russian Akopov (organizations for collective management of intellectual property rights), namely – the Russian Union of rights holders (RBC), Russian organization for intellectual property (WIPO) and the Russian authors ‘ society (RAO).

The formation of a new “Union” was accompanied by massive scandals. “Triumvirate” RW + RB + WIPO aggressively lobbied for the adoption of the so-called “tax on the Internet” – the global license to intellectual property for all users of the Internet in Russia.

Despite aggressive lobbying, almost all government departments (excluding the Ministry of Culture) gave a negative opinion. The business also resisted by all available means.

As a result of “tax on Internet” did not take place. Among the leaders of Ocupou clearly began disorder, while their activity has resulted in an increased interest from both the media and law enforcement agencies.

In November it became known that against RAO under investigation, associated with a large embezzlement and that the headquarters of WIPO visited the riot police.

Then the “Sounds” has published a list of companies that lists WIPO copyright payments; while the amount was huge, a significant portion of these companies were completely unknown figures in the music industry.

The majority of respondents to the Sounds of experts was inclined to believe that in fact all these mysterious firms controlled by the same person – the head of WIPO, RAO and FGUP “Firm “the Melody” Andrew Krichevsky. In addition, many sources in the Russian music industry argued that in the process of formation of “trade Union of workers of culture” Andrey Krichevsky tried to close management and radioactive waste, and CPR.

As for the extraordinary conference of the “Union” (of the new Russian author’s society), then in the near future “Sounds” are planning to publish the chart, which shows the relationships between the three Ocupada, as well as other non-profit and commercial entities. April 15, readers will be able to see who is shown in the scheme individuals will be included in the next Council “Professional Union of workers of culture “Russian authors society”. And draw conclusions independently.

Fourth of March the deputies of the state Duma from the CPRF Sergey Obukhov and Valery Rashkin has sent Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Prosecutor General Yury Chaika and interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to check the activities of RAO, WIPO and the CPR. The purpose of the request, according to its authors, is to achieve transparency of spending the funds of the society gathered from citizens and organizations for the use of musical and audiovisual works.

Sergei Obukhov said RBC that, by estimations of deputies, during the work of the three aforementioned organizations to authors, performers, makers of phonograms and other rightholders “not reached” about 10 billion rubles.

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