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Scientists told about the new dangers of eating sweets

Ученые рассказали о новой опасности употребления сладостей

Drinking large amount of sugar in a short time can cause inflammation of the intestines.

Scientists from the University of Alberta has declared that eating large amounts of sugar in a short time increases the risk of development of intestinal inflammation and has a negative impact on health overall, reports the Internet-the edition Regnews33.ru with reference to zn.ua.

The study on mice, researchers found that only two day diet with a high sugar content makes animals susceptible to chemicals that cause colitis. These observations are consistent complaints is patients with colitis, which turned to the doctors. According to researchers, small changes in diet can significantly improve the condition of patients.

“We wanted to know how much time you need to changes in diet affect health. In the case of sugar and colitis only need two days, which really surprised us. We didn’t think it would happen so quickly,” said one of the scientists Karen Madsen.

According to the researchers, such rapid effect is achieved due to the fact that eating foods with a high sugar content and a small amount of fiber causes the bacteria that provoke inflammation and malfunction of the immune system. In mice intestinal damage was reduced by adding to the diet of short chain fatty acids produced by beneficial microorganisms. To improve the functioning of the digestive system, experts recommend eating foods with fiber.

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