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Nine signs that you eat too much sugar

Девять признаков того, что вы едите слишком много сахараThe norm is 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.

You try to control the amount of sugar in the diet, but even if you stay away from sweet carbonated beverages, you are eating more sugar than you think. Find out the typical signs that you eat too much sugar.

If you “abuse” a sweet, your body it will react violently: physical and emotional “roller coaster” when it is cold, hot, want to jump and run, and sleepy. And it’s not all the consequences of excessive consumption of sugar.

Of course, the emotional condition improves at the same moment when you swallow a piece of chocolate or eat a jelly doughnut. After you get a rush of dopamine-the hormone of happiness. But the trouble is that this hormone is addictive, and that you not eat for 30 grams of chocolate and a whole block, and you all enough, you are looking for what would it even eat sugar. In addition to the damage figure (and it won’t take long), excessive intake of sugar is injurious to health.

When you eat too much sugar, the pancreas has to work harder to produce enough insulin, which controls glucose levels in the blood. This suppresses leptin levels (the hormone of satiety”), which gives a signal to the brain, to capture even more candy. In the end, excessive consumption of sugar can lead to diabetes and several other diseases.

Glucose is quickly digested, the level of dopamine and blood sugar levels fall rapidly. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved. Just need to eat less sweets, not to exceed the rate of sugar in the blood. But how do you know that you exceeded the norm?

On the advice of the who (world health organization), only 5 percent of calories per day should come from sugars (the average person consumes 10%). This is about 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, or 200 ml of sweet lemonade. Follow these, and you’ll eat less sugar than usual. By the way, sugar can lurk not only in soda and candy bars, but in the “healthy” foods like hot cereal, yogurt). Carefully read the ingredients list on the packaging. This will help reduce sugar consumption. And it is better to give preference to fresh vegetables, fruits and protein-rich foods.

Pimples and the rash appears more often than usual
Eating too much sugar can harm your skin. Studies show a correlation between diet high in sugar and acne. People who eat sugar in excess, are more likely to suffer from acne and acne that are not cosmetic special means to remove acne.

You constantly feel tired
If you eat Breakfast or lunch with lots of sugar and not enough protein, fiber and fat. For example, in the office you usually eat a granola bar or a bagel with jam instead of normal food. In the second half of the day is “lunch” will cause energy crisis. Also, from exceeding the rates of sugar has a headache. A balanced and nutritious lunch and afternoon snack will prevent the increase of blood sugar level and saves you from fatigue.

You feel depressed
Numerous studies indicate a link between sugar consumption and the risk of developing depression. A diet with a high content of simple sugars from carbohydrates often leads to depression. Change the diet to a diet rich in whole grain and foods high in fiber and your mood will improve considerably.

You are too tired after a workout
Proper nutrition gives energy to the body for a good workout. If the usual exercise seem harder and harder, the cause can be high sugar content in the diet. Pre-workout “fuel up” complex carbohydrates that give a feeling of fullness for a longer time and do not cause sharp jumps in blood sugar levels.

You have constantly high blood pressure
Normal blood pressure is less than 120/80. A diet with too much sugar can raise blood pressure. “Abuse” sugar often leads to hypertension than excessive consumption of salt. Sugar increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, causes metabolic disorders.

You have high cholesterol
More hidden sign that you eat too much sugar is increased level of cholesterol in the blood. Excess sugar can reduce the good cholesterol in the body and increase the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Although the mechanisms by which a sugar affects the level of cholesterol in the blood is not well understood, scientists theorize that fructose may stimulate the body to create more triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. If your doctor is concerned about your cholesterol levels, discuss changes in terms of food.

Often visit the dentist
It is no secret that sugar spoils the teeth, and if you visit the dentist too often because of dental pain, it is a clear sign that you eat too much sugar.

Your things you are small
It is not necessary to sin on what clothes “the village” after washing. Most likely you gained a few extra pounds. Contrary to popular belief, sugar is easier and faster to recover than from fatty foods. And to lose weight food harder than harmful, fatty foods. Try to give up sweetened drinks, and replace them with water, unsweetened coffee and tea, and you are the result of weight loss will not keep you waiting.

To remain healthy, watch your sugar intake. Do not exceed the norm, because 6 tsp of sugar a day is enough to feel normal.

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