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Scientists suggest aliens seek us out themselves

German scientists from the Institute for the study of the Solar system in göttingen proposed a new strategy for the detection of extraterrestrial life. About it reports “Informing”.

Astronomers suggest looking for aliens not randomly “listening” to everything around us space, as is done now, and the point to focus on those planets and star systems, the people who hypothetically could find us and send us their signals. Scientists believe that this technique will increase the chances of detecting aliens.

Currently experts are studying the planet, located far from the Solar system, the transit method, which consists in observing how the brightness of the luminaries, around which the exoplanet is moving, is periodically reduced at a time when the planet covers it. This method allows to calculate the mass and size of planets and even to look for traces of intelligent life on it.

In other words, the authors of scientific work think that aliens, being guided by this method, would have to notice the Earth, which also moves around the Sun, and to give us their signals.

At the same time, according to Australian scientists, the aliens have come in contact, because they were extinct.

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