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Scientists, love can be classified as a drug

The person has a serious addiction.
28.03.16 9:05 text: Elena Tkachenko photo: INNOV.RU
Учёные: любовь вполне можно классифицировать как наркотик

According to British scientists, love can be classified as a drug. Thus, in numerous studies experts came to the conclusion that love makes people addicted like drugs, and it does not matter you are talking about, a man or a woman, the love is equally valid for both sexes.

It is known that during their study, the researchers used an MRI, which they were able to see people in love major changes in the brain. Using this procedure, the specialists studied the brain activity of all volunteers who have recently gone through a breakup with their loved ones.

Thus, experts proposed that the participants of the study to look at the photos of their favorite people, while scientists monitored their brain. And, it turned out that almost all the participants in the brain activity was detected just in those areas that are responsible for dependence on different types of drugs. This interested scientists and they plan to continue their research, in particular they want to know how it’s easier to deal with this addiction, what steps need to be taken for this.

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