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Scientists have named the cause of the evolution of APE to man

Учёные назвали причину эволюции обезьяны в человекаThe ancestors of humans began to evolve after the transition to a meat diet.

Perhaps this news won’t like vegetarians, but I think the evolution of humanity and the development of intelligence related to the fact that our ancestors began to eat meat for almost 2 million years ago, scientists from Harvard University.

Instead of using raw vegetables, ancient people have included meat in their diet, and these changes in diet has led to huge changes in the people that we see today. In particular, this product has contributed to the growth of the brain and development of language skills.

The face, teeth and jaws of people also began to change due to regular chewing of meat – for example, people no longer need large molars and massive jaws.

This made the man less like an APE and more like our contemporaries. The presence of additional spaces in the skull that may have allowed the brain to become larger.

Researchers believe that eating meat contributed to the development of language skills due to the fact that its production required the joint effort with other members of the tribe.

In addition, for butchering and cooking meat had to do with tools of stone, which also contributed to the development of the brain.

However, the drawback of this theory is that cooking became widespread 500,000 years ago – soon after humans evolved from APE-like forms. This means that the teaching of cooking skills has occurred too late to affect a change of body shape of our ancestors.

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