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Scientists have found that the impact on climate change

Ученые выяснили, что повлияло на изменение климатаThe changes in the climate the colossal impact of volcanoes.

During the study American scientists climatologists came to the conclusion that for all history of existence of life on Earth to change the climate the colossal impact of volcanoes. Their activity is influenced increase in the average temperature of the air on the planet.

This became known from the message published by the online edition of Science.

It is reported that scientists from the University of Texas at Austin conducted a geophysical study, during which studied the climate changes from hot to cold that occurred on Earth during the last 720 000 000 years.

Study leader Ryan Mackenzie reported that during the periods when the volcanoes along island arcs were active, the planet was warmer conditions. Conversely, when the volcanoes of the island arc were less active, this period coincided with the cold or glacial conditions.

Scientists know that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affects the Earth’s climate, said Ryan McKenzie. Open until recently remained the question of what caused fluctuations in CO2. Some theories suggest that geological forces, such as the mountain, at different times in the history of the planet has made a great amount of new material to the surface of the Earth, resulting in “weathering” of CO2 from the atmosphere.

New study shows the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, a main driver of Earth’s climate. Both the amount of oxygen and the activity of volcanoes on island arcs, and the influence on fluctuations of the climate on our planet.

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