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Scientists call unexpected cause of cancer

Ученые назвали неожиданную причину возникновения ракаDietary supplements and vitamins can increase the risk of cancer.

The research team from the Cancer center at the University of Colorado found that excessive consumption of vitamins stimulates the growth of cancerous tumors. According to the published report of the American Association for cancer research, those people who regularly take vitamin supplements and dietary Supplements, are more prone to cancer than those who regularly eat organic fruits and vegetables.

“When we first tested dietary supplements on animals, the results were promising. However, when we conducted a study with a duration of more than ten years with the participation of thousands of patients, some of whom took vitamin supplements, and the other part placebo, we found out that these drugs do not carry such a positive impact on the human body, as is commonly believed. In fact, some people taking diet supplements were more prone to the formation of cancerous tumors,” says the study’s author, Dr. Tim Byers.

Scientists found out that excessive consumption of supplements of beta-carotene increases the risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease by 20 percent, and a surplus of folic acid and other B-vitamin supplements not only can prevent polyps of the colon, as previously thought, but also can cause the appearance of tumors in the intestines.

“This does not mean that vitamins are dangerous to health. Our study shows that only excessive consumption of dietary supplements can adversely affect health and therefore should not exceed recommended dosage. It is also worth remembering that live a balanced diet is much healthier than to use supplements,” adds Dr. Tim Byers.

Earlier, scientists from the Netherlands have proven that fish oil prevents cancer.

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