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Russian science has proved the extraterrestrial origin of life

Российская наука доказала внеземное происхождение жизниThe discovery of Russian scientists, claiming a scientific sensation. In the wreckage of a meteorite they discovered microorganisms whose age is about the same as our planet. But this is just another fact in favor of the hypothesis that life on Earth was brought from space.

Life did not originate on Earth, or rather — not only on Earth. To such sensational conclusion was made by Russian scientists who studied the meteorite and found the organisms whose age is more than 4 billion years.

Our planet and the entire Solar system was formed, so the Motherland “fossilized space aliens” need to look beyond. Where exactly? – the question, the solution of which I astrobiology around the world.

“Not the planet, but, say, there were some bodies that had puddles, lakes, rivers, shallow sea and there lived these things,” says Alexei Rozanov, Director of the Paleontological Institute. A. A., Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Under the electron microscope, scientists have found simple organisms inside the meteorite, which is thought to be bounced from Mars. This was stated by an American researcher McCain, only unusual objects in his photos turned out to be too small. The scientific world they are not convinced.

When academician Rozanov presented their photoproofs, from doubt about the existence of extraterrestrial life has not waned.

Space distances bacteria can overcome inside comets, frozen in ice. This assumption is confirmed by the experiments of scientists in Antarctica, in permafrost and in the open space. The microorganisms found in cosmic dust, which settled on the hull of the ISS.

Although previously it was thought that radiation and temperature extremes kill all life. In the laboratory space samples compared with the earth: in orbit, the so-called extreme bacteria that live on the Earth in hot springs and volcanic lava.

The version of academician Rozanov, and his supporters – our planet was seeded protozoa, massive bombardment by comets, at the very beginning of its development.

These organisms, which originate from the weathering crust older than 2.5 billion. This means that land , unlike our ideas, scattered in all textbooks, the land was colonized by organisms as soon as she appeared.

Recently the European astrophysics have found evidence of life in space. In the gas cloud that is located in the center of our Galaxy, at a distance of 26 thousand light years, they have found special molecules that are part of the DNA.

So, life on earth may not be unique. And in parallel with our civilization in space could emerge, to evolve and to develop other, do not exclude the scientists.

Alexander Lukyanov

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