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Russia will accelerate the “tax manoeuvre”, Belarus will be finished by

Россия ускорит "налоговый маневр", что добъет Беларусь

Will Russia speed up “tax reform” to extort money from the oil industry more money. For Belarus it will be another blow to the budget.

In Russia want to reduce export duty to zero in the near future. It would be a logical final step of the “tax maneuver”. The maneuver is to increase in the current year, the tax on mineral extraction (met) by reducing export duties.

In the Ministry of energy of Russia held a meeting on the issue, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The main argument for the rapid zeroing of export duties: when cheap oil budget gets them a little, and when prices recover, to abandon the duties will be psychologically difficult.

The budget will win, sure officials: the export duty is collected from approximately 200 million tons of exported oil, and met – with 450 million tons mined. This effect is and he already is as a result of this maneuver confirms the Yezhov.

Belarus is obliged export duties from the export of oil products from Russian oil in Rossiiskii to pass the budget. However, last year we agreed part of the duties of suavity in its budget – as compensation for starters in 2015 in Russia’s tax maneuver. So last year Belarus received about $ 1 billion.

In the Belarusian budget 2016 pledged the sum of $ 1.1 billion from export duties on oil products (based on oil prices of 50 dollars per barrel).

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