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Reinforced chromebook CTL NL61 created for students

CTL company presented a new mobile PC NL61 system running Google’s Chrome OS is designed specifically for educational institutions. This is manifested primarily in an enhanced case, which is protected from water, dust and several other impacts.

In particular, rombuk CTL NL61 can drop from a height of 70 centimeters, and the water won’t hurt the keyboard or touchpad. Also the case has rubberized edges and reinforced mounting of the screen, as seen in the picture. CTL NL61 became relative model CTL NL6x submitted earlier this year — between them there is a certain similarity, however, the new chromebook running on battery for 5 hours longer and gives more power due to the Intel Celeron processor N3160 generation Braswell. Together with the CPU inside lie 4 GB of RAM and drive on 32 GB.

From its predecessor, the mobile PC has got, in particular, 11.6-inch screen with HD resolution or 1366×768 pixels, which in this case is not touch, but can open up to 180 degrees, which can be very handy depending on the landing angle and location of the student desks. CTL NL61 is estimated at US $ 240 and carries, in addition to these glands, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0, HDMI output and SD card reader for expanding memory. Internet access is via a network card or 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, a webcam with 1 Megapixel resolution, is placed over the screen can rotate on the horizontal axis.

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