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Published the first images of Mars from the station ExoMars

Опубликованы первые снимки Марса со станции ExoMarsThe apparatus of the ExoMars mission took the first images of the red planet.

Land was given to the first pictures of Mars taken in the framework of Russian-European ExoMars mission in 2016.

Photos scientists sent the device Trace Gas Orbiter, which was from the red planet at a distance of 41 million kilometers.

This information was shared by officials of the European space Agency (ESA). Representatives of the organization noted that at this time, the photo quality leaves much to be desired, but these pictures are an important part of the mission ExoMars-2016.

Recall that the main task of the orbital module of the Trace Gas Orbiter is to study the atmosphere of Mars. For this, the system will use Russian equipment. We know that the unit will approach the red planet in October of this year. In addition, as part of the mission to Mars will land the landing module Schiaparelli.

The second part of the ExoMars mission scheduled for 2020, it will begin after the launch of the descent module and a Rover on Mars.

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