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Psychologists have found out what affects children’s behavior

Психологи выяснили, от чего зависит поведение детейThe behavior may depend on genetics.

Denial rules and bad behavior – a common thing for young children, and continue this mess right up to the age of five. Some children with behavior problems are present and at a later age, becoming a character, despite all efforts of parents to teach them to be obedient and to follow the generally accepted rules.

New research conducted by psychologists from Canada, found that the child’s behavior is influenced both by genetic factors and environmental factors. In the course of work, scientists watched 597 pairs of twins from 20 months to 5 years of age. Under environmental factors, the scientists meant physical, cultural and biological characteristics of the environment and the behavior of parents, events in the life of the child and availability of resources.

“Respect the rules or their denial remains stable over the five years of a child’s life, and this is largely due to genetic factors that dictate child is prone to obedience or bad behavior. The degree of disobedience depends on environmental factors,” concluded the researchers.

Thus, problem behavior and refusal to follow the rules depends on genetic factors that are passed from generation to generation. Given this, parents from high-risk groups should be prepared in advance for possible problems, armed with all available knowledge and techniques that will help make raising a little rebel optimal.

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