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Nanoparticles defeated bacteria in seconds

Наночастицы победили бактерии за считанные секунды

E. Coli
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Scientists have created nanoparticles that, when infrared light was able to cope with bacteria in a few seconds. The study is published in the journal Optical Materials Express.

In their work the researchers used a phenomenon called plasmon resonance is a special electronic vibrations on the surface of the nanoparticles that occur upon irradiation with light of a particular angle. A particle can effectively absorb radiation and produce a large quantity of heat.

The researchers used the nanoparticles, which consisted of porous gold discs with a diameter of 400 nanometers. On a uniform layer of tiny discs were placed three types of bacteria: E. coli (Escherichia coli) and heat-resistant Bacillus subtilis and Exiguobacterium, after which the nanoparticles were exposed to infrared light for five to 30 seconds.

The results showed that the nanoparticles were heated to 200 degrees Celsius — the temperature that exceeds the temperature resistant bacteria. A colony of E. coli was completely killed within five seconds, and Bacillus subtilis and Exiguobacterium in 25 seconds.

The researchers believe that their development will create new ways of treatment of diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogenic organisms.

Previously, scientists from the Methodist hospital of Houston have created generators nanoparticles — porous discs made of silicon, which is penetrated inside of cancer and was released molecule drugs. This method prolonged the half life of mice with cancer of the breast.

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