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Named the funniest photo of the year

Названа самая смешная фотка года

An explosion of positivity.

Photographer Sarah Skinner received the award in the annual competition Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for the most humorous photo of a wild animal.

No less funny and the name photos of Sarah Skinner – “Grab life for …”. The photograph, which is filmed in Botswana, also became the winner in nomination “Creation of land”.

“Very happy to receive the title of absolute winner Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019. My heart warms that this picture spread laughter and happiness around the world,” said the photographer.

In the photo you can see lion, which is preparing to grab the front paws with claws ahead adult lion. Skinner adds that fortunately for the lion and the lion cub, Junior missed.

Названа самая смешная фотка года

Grab life for…” / Sarah Skinner

The people’s choice award got the sea otter from the photographer Harry Walker, who is called “God”.

Названа самая смешная фотка года

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