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An “accidental” meeting with Putin Pakhmutova ridiculed

«Случайную» встречу Путина с Пахмутовой подняли на смех

A new reason for jokes.

Today celebrates its anniversary of the famous Soviet and Russian composer Alexandra Pakhmutova, today she is 90 years old. Pakhmutova childhood was talented and showed incredible musical talent.

The TV crew managed to film composer and the President after the inauguration near the Kremlin then announced that the meeting was accidental and just by chance she got on camera one of the leading TV channels of the Russian Federation.

Users sarcastically reacted to the “coincidence” of the meeting: “Judging by how warmly dressed Pakhmutova, then it is safe to say that waiting for a meeting with Vladimir Vladimirovichem she was on the air at least three hours”, “Just met…Then accidentally turned the camera channels. Recently Putin went just to the pharmacy, and there is already a TV crew. How do you know the route? Or here in the forest lost hunter and met Putin, and those already here”, ” Look how busy pedestrian traffic on the street, as much amazed as they are in a crowd managed to meet. Oil painting: “Putin and Pakhmutova-we met two of solitude””.

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