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Will Smith was amused by the parody of “the Matrix”

Уилл Смит повеселил пародией на «Матрицу»

The actor originally congratulated the son with the birthday.

In honor of the 27th anniversary of the eldest son Trey will Smith has published in Instagram funny home movie that they shot in the early 2000s. predaet Regnews33.ru with reference to the Apostrophe.

“While Trey was growing up, every year on his birthday we were shooting the episode home movie called “TRACECA” where I was the bad guy trying to kill him, and he had to protect the family, wrote Smith. — Happy birthday, man! It’s time to shoot a new episode! I think this time I’ll get it”.

Earlier this year the actor explained why not agree to play the starring role in “the Matrix” where he was invited to the Directors Wachowski. The proposal was not impressed, because at that time they were unknown and only showed one movie.

“I did, “Wild Wild West” — quoted Smith’s edition of Entertainment Weekly. — I’m not proud of, but don’t regret that decision. Maybe I would spoil the “Matrix”. I kind of ruined it, as did you all a favor.”

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