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Named new date of inspection machines

Названы новые сроки техосмотра машин It became known as often the owners will have to send the car for inspection.

Ukrainian MPs are planning to return to compulsory technical inspection of all vehicles. The corresponding bill No. 4683 is now in profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the document “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of road transport with the aim of bringing them in compliance with acts of the European Union” in the country will appear again regular checkup that different vehicles will have to undergo with different regularity.

Thus, the bill marked with the following mandatory deadlines: most vehicles, which also include two-wheeled, must pass the technical exam every two years; the owners of new cars will have to go on THAT four years after the first registration, taxi, ambulance, any vans and buses – a year after the first registration in the future – annually.

Another innovation will be an extraordinary inspection that will be required to pass any vehicle involved in an accident. First and foremost, this applies to those cars that damaged suspension, steering and the airbag has deployed and other malfunction affecting the safety of movement.

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