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Money will not return the child? And what will return?

Деньги не вернут ребенка? А что вернет?

People have a hard time parting with money. Perhaps the hardest to part with bills and coins. It is much easier to tell a thousand words, than voluntarily to give a thousand rubles. So I think that the Muslim community did the right thing and even wisdom, that it is a fundraiser for the family of the girl who killed that bloody nanny. And it is strange that Muslims someone for it also accuses. Supposedly the money the child will not return.

So because the child does not come back! Neither money nor words. Besides, before you raise money, the initiators first contacted the family, and the family was not against it. In the end, the possessed woman not only killed a child – she’s just flat and they got burned, and people in every sense are left with nothing – orphans and victims at the same time.

Material but this action has far greater moral sense. From the Muslim community and its leaders waited for a certain public, official condemnation. But, in my opinion, official and public just why. It is clear that various Supreme and chief Muftis will say the right words, condemn, and dissociate, let me remind you once again that true Islam is not a religion of violence and so on and so forth. But the reaction of ordinary people, most ordinary Muslims in this situation much more interesting and more important.

Because whether we like it or not, alienation in society exists. “They were all the same, they are all the same, they are all potential terrorists, all of them quiet from time to time, and then take and head cut off” — so I think and often say aloud about Muslims and even strangers not just many, but I’m afraid that most of those who are conventionally referred to as “Russians” or “Slavs”. To deny this is silly. And no official statements and condemnation of this view will not be overcome. But when simple believers came to the mosque, will donate its not too much income of a certain amount – it will look much more sincere. And Muslims in order to kind of dissociate from that woman. We don’t like her, but she’s not one of us. We donate money on her lawyer and family sacrifice she made miserable.

This is not an attempt to pay off, it’s really a way somehow to help people in distress. And in this situation, money is more valuable than words.

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