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People outside the state

Люди вне государства

In Ukraine applies the new movement. Citizens, based on the 5th article of the Constitution create a national enterprise, not pay taxes and disobey authority. The special correspondent of “Country” I visited in Brussels, in order to see how the “stateless” people’s economy.

(Alexander Sibirtsev)

In fiscal service not registered, do not pay taxes. And in the Ministry of transport is also not listed, licenses for the transportation of take authorization to the activities of the company gave our community! In my company the people’s fifteen carriers. Minivans carry passengers between cities and villages. Once merged several owners of vans, and then started joining us and other owners of vehicles. Work now for yourself! Once stopped one of our buses in a different area the cops, found fault, saying, where is the license for passenger transportation? Even the Protocol made. Then I saw a testimony of public enterprises and issued by the community documents and “cool” — with a smile says managing people’s enterprise “Narodovolets” from Khmelnitsky Alexander Skwarok.

The story of the Hauler sounds fantastic. But after seeing a few in Khmelnitsky filled with passengers vans with a sign on the windshield “Narodovolets”, you start to believe: Yes, entrepreneurship is possible without state control.

Люди вне государства

Люди вне государства

New economic patterns

While politicians and bureaucrats is long and convincing talk about plans to overcome the economic crisis and for the third year announce some ephemeral reform, in which we supposedly live happily and in prosperity, in Ukraine is slowly emerging a new way of life independent of the state of the national economy. In Lviv, Ternopil and Khmelnytskyi already working with dozens of businesses and individual entrepreneurs who do NOT pay taxes to the state, accountable for its activities in Gospitalniy service or any other gosudarstve and NOT pay for the right to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

People United by the ideas developed by a group of enthusiasts in the city of Khmelnitsky, began to create national enterprises outside state control three years ago.

They call themselves simply “the people”, their movement — the “territorial community”, and their vision of the economy without state control — a “people’s economy”. Moreover, the term “territorial community” in Khmelnytsky construed and not used to interpret the Ukrainian politicians and officials — that is, not as a Association of citizens who work together to solve small issues of local beautification and life, like condominiums and “municipalities” in the neighborhood.

“People’s economy” in Khmelnytsky version is three dozen solid companies for passenger transportation, recycling, restaurants and cafés, audit and legal offices and farms. As well as about a hundred people who are engaged in small individual business: designers, shoemakers, tailors, builders, dentists, artists. They are all United by the Treaty of “territorial community”, and paid into the community Fund minimum contributions, which are referred to as an “investment” — from 100 UAH per month and solve key business issues for yourself. Without approvals, and reports to the state.

Studying The Constitution

“About what we did over the past three years and say, “wow drank a Cup of tea!” — says one of the ideologists of the “territorial community” of the city of Khmelnitsky Olga Ugrak.

Five years ago in Brussels gathered a group of entrepreneurs who are tired of working for the army of bureaucrats-officials.

— All of us firmly have offended the state. Some bureaucrats stuck when opening a business, the other was winning over the army and tax any inspection from the sanitary station and fire. In General, all understood that the state has put us in the bullpen, defining the scope of “there — not here — not” and essentially making us serfs, — says the Commissioner of Khmelnytsky territorial community Pavlo Biletsky. We talked and pondered how to get out of this vicious circle. And at some point I realized that the Constitution essentially answered all of our questions! For example, in the fifth article reads: “the Bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine is the people. The people exercise power directly and through bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government”.

— The word “directly” is a basic postulate about who actually holds power, — says Olga Ugrak. — And the word “and” in this sentence only the addition, saying that if you want — drive him themselves, and want “through the organs of state power”. The same responses are found in many articles of the Constitution, the constitutional court decisions, laws and decrees of presidents of Ukraine. According to the Constitution, you can do anything not prohibited by law. We’re doing it! Comes to the absurd: our opponents, and there are many, call us “sectarians”. Due to the fact that the Constitution of Ukraine we use as the Bible. We do not support parties that are not supported by any religious denomination. This is a private matter, like family. It is stipulated in the social contract of the community. Before the election, our office walkers from different parties go in droves. Ask for and offer collaboration, if only our community supported them. Give all the heave. We are out of religion and out of politics.

Having carefully reviewed the legislation of Ukraine, a group of like-minded people from Khmelnytsky found in it a sound legal footing for their ideas of territorial communities and the national economy, independent of the state. So, in “the Law of Ukraine on local self-government”, article 2, provides that “local self-government is exercised by territorial communities …, both directly and through the rural and city councils and their Executive bodies.

“Pedant”, I mean admirers of the letter of the law; the idea of the territorial community of Khmelnitsky — saw again the ambiguity of the wording in the phrase “directly and…”, and interpreted it in their favor. We have decided to govern themselves “directly”.

Люди вне государства

Investment work

The terms “wages”, “business owner”, “service payments” and “payment for goods” at the national enterprise Khmelnitsky — banned. Instead of wages, workers in the enterprise receive a “reward” for “labour investment”. The question of the amount of “compensation” solves “the people’s company” — this title is given to the business owner, join the community. A visitor in the cafe, paying for a Cup of coffee and eaten the dessert, the waiter receives from card stamped with the community about the payment of “monetary compensation” for the use of the product.

National enterprise cafe “Govinda” — works in the city centre. A weekday, half of the tables occupied. On the so-called “user Board” instead of the standard copies of the private entrepreneur certificate — the document of the community of “people’s entrepreneur” and the file extracts from the laws of Ukraine.

Люди вне государства

— When I decided to open a cafe Indian vegetarian cuisine, we did not assume that will face an insurmountable fence of bureaucrats, says managing cafe “Govinda” Yaroslav Positouch. — Having in the first instance for permitting documents, I realized that I have several months yet to run from office to office on different agencies for various permits, certificates and licenses. Then I went to the community Khmelnytsky, and in two days got all the documents! No red tape. The café now employs about a dozen people, I am managing a national enterprise. After a couple of months after opening the café, I realized that if I continued to work in the state responsibility area, then long would not have lasted. We would have to pay each month, tens of thousands of hryvnias in taxes, social contributions, fees for permission. If all this is to pay, the company goes bankrupt and is unable to pay remuneration for work to employees. But now everything is in order. None of the “verifier” from the state authorities do not come to us, it’s well known that we work on the territorial community.

On the outskirts of Khmelnytsky on the territory of a long stalled refinery operates a workshop for recycling plastic recycling in construction-wrap.
The workshop provides employment for several residents of Khmelnitsky.

On the outskirts of Khmelnytsky on the territory of a long stalled refinery operates a workshop for recycling plastic recycling in construction-wrap. The workshop provides employment for several residents of Khmelnitsky.

That this enterprise would not have survived under the yoke of inspection bodies and tax press, says managing plant recycling Dmitry Adopt. About a year ago a former athlete, repeated champion of Ukraine and Europe on volleyball decided to start producing and rented a shop, in fact, defunct factory.

— By registering in the community during the city’s national enterprise, the first time I breathed freely — the me no longer hung a sword of Damocles in the tax records and taxes, — says Dmitry. — The company began to work for themselves, not for somebody else.

After several months of work in the form of national enterprise Manager after payment of the remuneration for work the employees were left with a profit. It is interesting that now in addition to the expansion plans of the enterprise Dmitry is dreaming about the opening in the factory sports hall for volleyball. “The profit goes on gym equipment. Then I’m gonna open a sports club of a territorial community — the children will be free to play sports!” — shared the idea of the entrepreneur.

Люди вне государства

The attitude of state agencies towards national entrepreneurs of Khmelnytsky formed according to the scheme “came, saw, did not understand, shrugged his shoulders, gone.” “Working for yourself. Of course, sometimes they fly tax. Look, I come in a state of extreme mental confusion and flee in confusion,” smiles one of the local national entrepreneurs Andrew.

The regional territorial community join and Khmelnytsky farmers.

Folk farmer from the village of Balin Khmelnitsky region Mikhail Kozlenko talks about how after registration in the community it tried to “extrude” the police and the head of the village Council.

— Came to the village Council to inform you that I now work from the community. The head Board began to shout that we are impostors. Even called the police. The police also initially ran, shouted: “Who are you?! Who authorized you?”. I showed them the documents and laws of Ukraine, which can work on behalf of the community. It turned out that the militiamen do not really know the laws — documents sobered them and they reluctantly agreed that we work legally, recalls farmer Michael Kozlenko.

It is important to note that the plans of territorial communities Khmelnytsky not only the creation of a “nonprofit sector” national economy and education in the framework of this
Union “national registration services”.
Including road transport.

— Since March 10, the community gives out people’s license plates on the car and registration. Those owners of cars who want to join the community and put us on the given car, to remove the transport from state registration in MREO, then we get the registration certificate and number. I will make this one of the first. Of course, I am sure that there will be friction with the police and MREO, but the law community can also engage in such activities — shows have already received the carrier and controls the “Narodovladdya” Alexander Skwarok.

According to Alexander, the new “national” numbers does not affect his relationship with the road inspection police: “If the owner of the popular rooms of an accident or commits a foul, he is responsible for them as all the others, on General grounds. The only difference is that copies of the registrations “gromadskaya” car numbers and registration we will give to the police. And our room will be in their database. But we’re going ired from taxes and tolls that will go into road repair or improvement of computerized accounting ired, and on the military bureaucrats loafers in these departments”.

Folk taboo — alcohol, tobacco, resale

However, neither “revolutionaries” nor “separatists” Khmelnytsky “people” itself does not believe.

— The state can function without us, thinking kindred spirit Olga Wgrac — the representative of the territorial community of Khmelnytsky Pavlo Biletsky. — We are for the ears of anyone in the community and national economy, not politics. There are always people who prefer to do business under state control. Other entrepreneurs still don’t believe us. And we understand: what we do, yet like fiction. Still others are intimidated and do not believe that it is possible to work without taxes and government control. People say, national economy — from time to time, and then come to tax, sue, and ruin everything. In addition, there are those areas of the state that we do not want and will not. On moral principles. Are drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons. Also prohibited in the territorial community “buy-sell” trading in goods that are not made by you personally and not your company.

Люди вне государства

Люди вне государства

Люди вне государства

How does the national economy

Officially the position of a resident of Khmelnitsky Olga Ugrak is called “authorized Khmelnytsky territorial community on the issues of registration”. Three years ago the owner of the audit firm Olga Ugrak not even imagined that would become a real “mother” of the national economy. In the function “authorized registration” includes the consideration of national entrepreneurs and enterprises, the issuance of “national” certificates on the right to engage in their activities.

To become a national entrepreneur or register a national enterprise in Khmelnytsky territorial community is quite simple. You just need to sign a social contract with the community, to act with the state fiscal accounting and obtain a certificate of the people’s entrepreneur. And also send to all state instances of notification that you decide to work as a folk entrepreneur.

Judging by the responses of state institutions, agencies still rather indifferent react to what someone decided to operate without their control. All departmental documents received by the community in response to their notices, standard formulation, saying, “took note of”, “hope for fruitful cooperation” and even “I want to thank you for your work” (from the answer of the State tax service. — Ed.).

Люди вне государства

What is the use of a bulk?

This question must arise: what is the benefit of the territorial community, which gives wings to the people’s business, this national economy?

According to the agreement all who have decided to work under the protection of the territorial community should “invest” in it every month or 100 USD, or one percent of the profits.

While entrepreneurs no one controls how much money to transfer to the community to decide the people’s business. No record of earnings or profits in the community also does not exist.

— Of course, many question arises: if the entrepreneur decides all the profit to put in your pocket? According to the principle: the money for yourself, and 100 USD in bulk. To your health! The richer people are, the stronger the society. This same basic principle of Economics! In turn, national entrepreneurs understand: the wealthier the community, we are stronger. Strong community need to protect those who are in it. So actually there is no such problem, — says Pavel Biletsky and adds that plans for the territorial communities set:

Someday we will open and folk customs on the import and export of non-excisable goods by the manufacturer.

By the way, despite the fact that over the past two years to the territorial consolidation of national economies joined several dozen individual entrepreneurs and enterprises, management of “device” in the traditional sense in the community there. Even the leaders — empowered community Biletsky Paul and Olga Wgrac — do not receive any salary or remuneration for their work, acting as volunteers. What do you do? Both have small public enterprises providing services to the population — a living taking from the profits.

“People’s enterprises need to prepare for an attack by the state”

Just in Khmelnitsky city and Khmelnitsky region in a territorial community came together more than a thousand people. About the same is registered in the territorial communities of Ternopil and Lviv. In these two cities also has several dozen national businesses and hundreds of national entrepreneurs.

Of course, not all those in power are comfortable with the implementation of the project of national economy from territorial national communities.

For example, the mayor Alexander Samchishin configured negatively in relation to public enterprise.

These people plead the fifth article of the Constitution, but at the same time, their activities violate a number of regulations and laws of Ukraine, —
the mayor declared.

Many lawyers also skeptical.

— The way of creation of public enterprises — not absolutely lawful, — said lawyer Roman Marchenko. And they work still only because they are still nobody interested. In this case, it is a violation, which refers to article 212 of the Criminal code — tax evasion. You can still apply an article about arbitrariness. I would not recommend anyone to become so “entrepreneur” is a way to violate applicable laws.

And the lawyer Victor Chevguz believes that Khmelnytsky national enterprises must pay taxes and be registered in the state services:

If they produce products, provide services and gain a profit, they have to pay taxes, to register with the state authorities. Taxes can not pay only non-profit public organization. And here there is a profit. Consequently, this is an illegal activity.

Люди вне государства

At the same time there are other opinions.

— I have carefully examined the realization of the ideas of national economy of the territorial community of the city of Khmelnitsky. We even collected a conference on this topic. The conference included legal scholars, economists and sociologists, — says doctor of economic Sciences, academician Anatoly Skopenko. — Was read the report of Khmelnytsky territorial community, it was approved. Implementation of the national enterprises and local government sample of Khmelnytsky territorial community as a whole corresponds to the basic laws of Ukraine, agrees with them and has the right to life. Of course, what you do in Khmelnytsky community, does not quite fit into the traditional understanding of the economy, it is very outside the box. But laws are not violated. By the way, in the U.S. and Europe have long existed and are similar to community local self — government with virtually no state control.

However, the lawyer Yuri Kolomiyets believes that public enterprises do not touch only from time to time.

— First of all we must understand that the initiators of the national enterprises of Khmelnytsky territorial community while acting only at the local level, where they know few people and they still interfere. Once the activities of these guys will go beyond the areas immediately turns on the mechanisms of “hidden resistance” in the government. Their just close to lawlessness, not even a volume of laws and conclusions of scientists. While the state does not notice, except a group of crazy dreamers, and not react to them. These people, in fact, impinge on what the state system for centuries considers their property, taxes and control over the economy and Finance. Once they move on to more ambitious actions will immediately appear lawsuits for “illegal business activity”, the prohibitions of the courts and even law enforcement action involving the police and the security service. Therefore, they need to prepare for very serious resistance of the entire state apparatus,” warns the lawyer.

People’s entrepreneurs of Khmelnytsky understand that their project sooner or later will be subjected to pressure from the state.

– Of course, the bureaucrats will not quietly observe how our movement of national communities, which has already received support in other cities, assured the people’s entrepreneur Olga Ugrak. – Yes, and in the West there are analogues of our movement – the municipal and village communes that produce and sell their products and absolutely does not depend on the state. But in Ukraine it’s different. Recently we received information that in Khmelnytsky SBU collect information on us. Can even with a search warrant to come. But we have all the accounts are transparent. Besides on our side laws. If the state begins to oppose us, contact the courts, we will defend their rights.

As will be actually – we’ll see. Now it can be stated that public enterprises still relatively quiet exist only because of the complete disorganization of the state apparatus, which has simply not reached before “bessoudorozhnye”. But sooner or later, it’s possible they will close and then the “people’s economy” will the real problems begin. Will stand whether the public enterprises?

The answer to this question depends on two things. First, how much would be the movement of bulks. Secondly, in what state will be the state. After all, as you can see, people’s enterprises were founded as a response to the complete degradation of the entire system of state governance in Ukraine. On the one hand, the state apparatus does not perform socially useful functions (that is, roughly speaking, does not support procedures, common rules and the rule of law, ensure the security of citizens). On the other hand, in all of this, trying to continue to serve the public harmful (protection rackets, corruption, red tape).

If the state continues to exist in this meaningless society format, then the resistance of the state apparatus will only grow. Including through the creation of national communities for example Khmelnitsky.
And to cope with them then it will be not so easy.


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