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Minecraft players freed from advertising

Игроков Minecraft избавили от рекламыNow in Minecraft banned commercial advertising.

The Studio Mojang has updated recommendations for the commercial use of Minecraft (Commercial Usage Guidelines). Now in the game prohibited any advertising that is not directly related to the project.

According to the developers, the community project has become so large that various agencies and companies started using it for any financial purpose. For example, now the user is no longer entitled to build a virtual restaurant and in this way to advertise real institution, or to insert gameplay video in the trailer of the film.

While normal users can still create Amateur modifications dedicated to any subject, but on the condition that their purpose is not advertising.

7 Jun on PC (Windows, OS X), PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS and Android will be released the sixth episode of the adventure game Minecraft: Story Mode. The new head of the characters fall into the world filled with zombies.

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