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Marine Le Pen appealed to Russia for money

Марин Ле Пен обратилась за деньгами в Россию

The head of the French “National front” marine Le Pen appealed to Russia for help in financing the presidential and parliamentary campaign of the party.

It is assumed that the French politician asked the Russian banks about 27 million euros.

About this informed the portal RBC with reference to the edition of The Times on Friday, February 19. According to The Times, about it journalists were reported by the Treasurer of the “National front”.

Recall that French and European banks are reluctant to provide marine Len Pen money to Finance election campaigns.

We will note, earlier marine Le Pen and her father, politician Jean-Marie Le pen of the French law enforcement authorities suspected of deliberate concealment of income and evasion of taxes.

Recall that marine Le Pen supports the development of strategic partnership of Russia and France. The leader “National front” is one of the few European political arena recognized the legitimacy of the reunification of Crimea with Russia in March 2014. Also marine Le Pen supports Russia’s position on the Syrian issue, which is based on the right of Syrian citizens to determine the political future of the country.

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