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Let’s make a trade: what Putin will say to the Americans, and Obama – the Russians?

Махнем не глядя: что Путин скажет американцам, а Обама – россиянам?


The Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Congress of the United States for Europe, Eurasia, and emerging challengesGiven Rorabaker made a very strange initiative. He proposed to give the President the opportunity to speak to Americans on Federal television, and the President of the United States – before the Russians.

Imagine, the President of RussiaVladimir Putin in the oval office, while the head of America Barack Obama on the background of the Kremlin.

Similar broadcasts Given Rorabaker offers to arrange times in a year. The duration of the “appeal to the peoples” – about half an hour. According to the head of the Congress of the USA on Affairs of Europe, such measures will contribute to the clarification of policy in both countries.

“The task of America is to show the closed nature of Russian society. The calculation is simple – we, like, invited, your, like, thing to refuse. After Russia refused from the mass of such absurd assumptions, show the Americans that all conversations that in Russia is a closed society true. For the United States this is a standard communicative technique – to do strange proposal not very acceptable to the other party. And as a result of failure to show, like, people are not ready for cooperation and democratization,” said in an interview with BAFS “the Economy today” political analyst, candidate of psychological Sciences, Dean of the faculty of communication management RSSU Igor Romanov.

It is worth noting that in March of this year the foreign Ministers of the EU countries held a meeting discussed the long term strategy of relations with Moscow. The format of the discussion generally took the form of brainstorming and fixation of the recommendations of the parties. As a result, the heads of Foreign ministries of the member States of the EU zarekomendovala each other five items. BAFS “the Economy today” allow yourself to remember the important to have to date of the context paragraphs.


The first point – the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the second – strengthening of relations with countries of Eastern partnership and Central Asia. The third item on the foreign Ministers called the support of civil society in Russia and “invest in people”. In spite of the fact. The wording is too vague, experts agreed that here the representatives of the EU, most likely, mean support for NGOs who are trying to realize the interests of the West, and under investing in contacts – increased informational activity.

Now we must return to the fresh proposal of the Chairman of the Subcommittee of Congress of Rorabaker.

“It is clear that these are two sides of the same coin. Not to say that it is all one and the same side. However, I don’t think this is coordinated with EU activities in Washington. The practice of such proposals, there is constantly. Every month we hear from America some initiatives, including explanations, accusations and so on. All this happens without regard to context. Rather, in this situation we see a mere repetition of the same intake of Americans,” believes Igor Romanov.

However, the political scientist is sure that the Americans do in theory Russia such a proposal, of course, would refuse.

“You know, this is from the series – let me go uncontrollably to do something in your apartment, and you guys uncontrolled to do something. The proposal of Rorabaker absurd. If you invite me to visit, I will come and invite me. Obama makes a lot of statements that are covered in the Russian, Putin speaks with key articles in American Newspapers. That is, in fact, says the expert, “visit” each other we go. But to use even conditionally loyal partner pasirodyti in my house is impossible. In this practice, the only question is who is the first to offer, and who refuse to first later used the failure for propaganda purposes”.

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