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Lego fans invited to order a mini double

Любителям Lego предложили заказать себе мини-двойника

Online store Funky 3D Faces provided the service of making a stylized 3D projection of the user. For 30 dollars the buyer will receive a Lego toy with his own face. It is reported mashable.com.

In order to purchase a figure, the buyer must send in the online store two photographs – one full face and profile. Also the user will be given the opportunity to choose a “body” – a figure with individual characteristics.

It is noted that the order will be filled within two weeks, after that the buyer “will once again plunge into childhood”.

25 December it was reported that the Lego designers were recognized as the most profitable asset. Bought 15 years ago themed toys in the event of the sale will earn more compared to those who invested in stocks, gold or the beneficiary of the deposits.

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