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Komosomolets Elite: Dangerous will support Oculus Rift

Космосимулятор Elite: Dangerous получит поддержку Oculus RiftThe update will be free.

Frontier Developments has confirmed that in the space simulator Elite: Dangerous will support virtual reality headset Oculus Rift on launch day sales of the device.

By 28 March, when will be the release of the commercial version, the developers will release an updated version of the space that will contain all the necessary functions to support the latest version of the Oculus Rift. The update will be free for all existing users and potential buyers.

It also became known that if you already bought the game in store own Frontier, we will be free to postpone the draft and service in the Oculus Store. It will be enough to visit the company’s website and request a free activation key. This store will sell a special edition of the Deluxe Edition, including standard, Elite: Dangerous, Supplement Horizons and subscribe to the new DLC.

Note that this news came a month and a half after Frontier announced the shift of the focus with Oculus Rift SteamVR aside, early access to more stable software developer. Recall that the release of Elite: Dangerous took place in December of 2014 on the PC, and a year later the game became available to Mac users and Xbox One.

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