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Kiselyov: proven oil reserves in Russia will last at least 30 years

Киселев: разведанных запасов нефти в РФ хватит минимум на 30 лет

Proven oil reserves will suffice Russia for at least 30 years. About it today at the St. Petersburg international economic forum the head of the Committee Yevgeny Kiselyov.

“To date, we reserves provided at least 30 years at the current production,” — said Kiselev in an interview with RIA “Novosti”, noting that in recent years production volumes offset by an increase in reserves.

At the same time, said the head of the Committee, “it should be borne in mind that leaves oil increasingly hard to recover”. “Accordingly, we must bear in mind that you need to develop the technology to make these 30 years comfortably to work,” continued the head of Department.

According to him, several Russian companies have the necessary technologies and develops them.

Kiselev also said that the Agency expected a gain of stocks of hydrocarbons in Russia in 2016 at the 2015 level.

“Until the end of the year, we will block payment (production — ed.) based on projects implemented, we will block the same as in previous years. We have a company actively working on their stocks. If I remember correctly, last year we percent 7 blocked the production volumes (oil — ed.) and gas was blocked”, — he said.

“Yes, about the same,” — said the Minister, answering the question of whether the expected dynamics of the same in 2016.

According to the state Commission on mineral reserves, growth of oil reserves in Russia by the end of 2015 amounted to 730 million tons, gas — 1,095 trillion cubic meters.

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