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In War Thunder added the location of the movie “28 Panfilov”

В War Thunder добавили локацию из фильма «28 панфиловцев»The company Gaijin Entertainment has released a new update for the game War Thunder.

March is in full swing, which means it’s time for a fresh update War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment decided and released a patch 1.57 with the symbolic name “Spring March”.

The main charm of the global update is to add cards “Volokolamsk”, created on the basis of material collected by the crew of the film “28 Panfilov”. Allowing War Thunder can personally get acquainted with the place where the legendary division of General Panfilov heroically resisted the German invaders in 1941-m to year.

Meanwhile, this is not the only new location that has brought “Spring March”. Another card, designed for tanks and for planes — “Ice pass” — will remind you of the Alps. And close rail tunnel will allow to arrange the shooting at close range.

Of course, the makers of War Thunder have not forgotten about the completion of the line of war machines. In the game there are more than twenty new products, including the British Chieftain Mk.3, several German self-propelled guns, improved versions of the Soviet T-44 and KV-1 and the American “Super Pershing”. While fans of aviation met seaplanes MBR-2 (USSR) and S. 25 Sunderland (UK), German fighter Do.335 Pfail (“Arrow”), British Sea Venom jet, heavy night fighter of the US army P-61 “Black widow” promo and a German FW 189 reconnaissance, known as “Rama”.

Finally craftsmen from Gaijin Entertainment is proud to draw your attention to the fact that they modified the spolokhov effects from the shots, rockets and bombs.

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