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What will it be spring?

Among the signs, which is closely monitored, includes signs, based on observations of the behavior of plants, domestic and wild animals and birds, behaviour of insects. Among these days is particularly “important”.

Usually these are the days of the start of a season, or not timely, the emergence of a phenomenon, for example, for spring is the opening of the rivers, the arrival of rooks, larks, starlings, etc. Many people will take is still alive and used widely, even by those who by the nature of their activities are far from agriculture.

Signs in this category are observers of nature have managed to capture the linkage between physical phenomena occurring in the atmosphere. Observations of the Sun and the Moon, of the sky, changes in the surrounding plant world, the behavior of domestic and wild animals and birds, have helped to identify the signs, indeed predicting a possible weather condition in a certain time period.

But in the national calendar and many such signs, which are not connected with the phenomena in the atmosphere. These signs are associated with the name of this or that Saint, with one or another Church holiday. It is clear that it’s not because indeed there is a connection of this name (or date) with any weather condition in a particular day or season of the year.

Binding to the name of the holiday or because they noticed the state of the weather is easier to remember in connection with the name day or some Saint, than simply the number of the calendar. Numbers have no face and they are poorly remembered.

Below are the signs, allowing to make a weather forecast for the next spring. These marks are the result of years of observation of a Franklin. Some of the skeptics may argue – “every sign (associated) identified for a specific location, and I their influence (action) spread to the whole territory from St. Petersburg to Kursk.

I accept the comment, but let me remind you that if meticulously delve into an old, rather antique literature, it is not difficult to see, many signs (if not nearly all) sound the same in both North and southern edges of European Russia, the Urals signs of the others. And “tied” to other days. So what “they say and promise of” popular signs of spring.

If the cones on the spruce trees grow low to the early frosts in the winter, and if highly cold weather in late winter. In the past 2015. the buds on the trees grew at the top, that could indicate a protracted winter.
Snowy winter – for a long spring. Winters are snowy, apparently an early spring can not be expected.

Late leaf fall to prolonged harsh winter. In autumn the foliage was about at the time. I wish winter was over too, in “standard” terms.

Wet summer and warm autumn – for the long winter. The summer was not very moist, and the autumn was Sunny and warm. Omen “votes” for what a long winter will not.

The abundance of mountain ash in the autumn for a long and cold winter. Autumn in the Moscow region the harvest of mountain ash was within the usual “norms”, we must assume that the winter won’t be long.

November 8. Cauley on 8 November, the cold and snow, spring is late and cold, and if the thaw – winter and spring warm. Kolya Dmitriev day in the snow, and Holy (Easter) on snow, and Dmitriev day goal, and Holy for that. On this day, in the Central regions of European Russia (ETP) the air temperature was positive, everywhere was warm, the snow was not. Waiting for spring warm.

November 9. Notice what the weather is in November, so is may. It was a warm day, it was drizzling. Waiting for spring is warm, and in places with little rain.

November 10. If the fall of snow struck early, and the early spring. Early snow was not.

November 14, Kuzma-Demyan – recomnlended, hen house. Kuzminki – winter meeting. Snow day promises next spring a large spill. Day was with snow and sometimes with rain.

November 22. Matrona winter. Cloudy, snowy weather predicted rainy may. The weather that day was cloudy, in the North-West (St. Petersburg), and Southeast (Kaluga, Bryansk, Kursk region) with snowfalls and rain. You can expect that this may will be rainy and rather ordinary.

On December 26 Evstrat. Eugene. From that day watched the weather for 12 days, believing that each day will show the weather one month next year: 26.12 – corresponds to January; 27 -Feb; 28th March, etc. until Christmas eve (new style) that will show weather in December the new year. On 28 December the index weather March, 29 – April and December 30 – will show the weather of may.

December 28. Central part of European Russia was under the influence of an anticyclone was noted everywhere cloudy weather with light frosts from 4 to 6o . March we expect warm and with a predominance of cloudy weather.

December 29. From St. Petersburg and Kursk all day at the weather station it was noted partly cloudy weather with light frosts (8-100), and the full clouds with snowfall observed in the Pskov region. Sign “promises” in April, the predominance of days with some cloudiness and a small number of days with precipitation.

December 30. Over the whole territory of Central part of European Russia was occupied by the anticyclone that caused cloudy weather with little frost, and only in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Vologda oblast, the sky was completely covered with clouds and it was snowing.

According to superstition, one may expect that may in most parts of the EPR will be mostly cloudy and only in the East part of European Russia in may will be dominated by the weather with cloudy skies and rain. In other words: the Weather this day heralds in the spring days of may in most areas of the Central regions of the EPR normal weather, spring months.

January 6. If Christmas eve is warm, spring will be cold. Everywhere there was full cloud cover and heavy snowfall, the temperature is from 10 ° of frost in the South-East of the district up to 15-20 ° of frost in the North, which is normal for these days of December. You can expect that in the spring the temperature will be within long-term norms.

January 7. The Nativity Of Christ. In the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, founded by Abbot Sergius of Radonezh, is the manuscript of the XV century “Chanter” “On Christmas day in some of bodø”. This manuscript contains signs, defined by days on which falls the Nativity of Christ (feast of carols). In 2016, Christmas fell on Thursday and according to the “Chanter” to: “And if ye Thursday (Thursday) Christmas – winter will be dissolved, spring and summer are windy. Owase little, honey-the poverty, the oil many, many fruits, socioty scarcity (berries and fruits taste good).

On 25 January, St. Tatiana’s day. Will the sun peep – early bird arrival and an early happy spring, it’s snowing – the summer is rainy. This system of atmospheric fronts “commanded” the weather on the European part of Russia and on 25 January, “confirming” that spring will be early.

January 26. The first “TSI-TSI-Phi” big Tits portend an early spring. In January March – in March – January. And on this day the weather caused by the same atmospheric fronts and the Tits were not up to the songs.

February 1. Bright Sunny day: – early spring. Kolya drops – in the early spring believe. If Macaria the Blizzard for the entire carnival. In the afternoon of February 1 over us was a large area of warm sector, warm front has left closer to the Urals, and the cold was located in the West over the Baltic. Over the ETP was full of clouds, but in the afternoon, the cloud amount has decreased and the sun shone through, promising an early spring.

2 February. On Euphemia in the midday sun to early spring. If the rain – wait for the late snow storms. The second day of February spring shows: sun – to the red spring, cloudy – wait for the late snow storms. Sign “suggested” that good weather can be expected only in the first half of spring, and the second, will prevail rainy weather with rains.

February 4. Timothy-Pausini. If this day at noon the sun is visible, then spring will come early. In the first half of the day in most areas of the Central zone of the ETP, the sky was hidden behind the thick clouds.

6 February Aksinya-Policlinico, polimnia. What Aksinya, is and spring. Polimnia bucket – spring red. All day the weather was formed by passing atmospheric fronts. The number of clouds has changed from a small cloud cover to a fully closed palate. Respectively, and snowfall has varied from mild snow to the snow storm charges.

February 14. On Trifon star – late spring. If the sky will seem many stars, the winter will last long and spring will be late. All day the sky was tightly covered with clouds associated with fronts. The sky was not starry, and good luck “promises” that winter will not linger.

15 February. Candlemas. Sustretov day (meeting winter and spring). What is the weather on Candlemas, so is spring. On the day Sretenie snow – spring dogok. The snow is blowing across the road – late spring, and if not sweeping, it is early. If on that day the cock will drink water – winter will long continue. Unfortunately, the day of the meeting does not promise of spring “red,” but, on the one hand, “the snow is blowing across the road” – wait spring early, on the other hand, the heat, in the morning the air temperature near 0, in the yard puddles and nothing prevents “the rooster for a drink of water” – wait for the late spring, the winter will long continue.

Summing up the results of the analysis, we can conclude: on the onset of spring must expect in time, in a normal long time. Temperature almost all the signs of a warm spring, only one “promised” a spring cold.

The cloudiness opinions are divided – half will take over the cloud spring, the other spring with the typical number of cloudy days. March – good, warm mostly cloudy. April is also good, with a predominance of variable cloudiness and little rainfall. May divided the territory of European Russia into two zones: in the North-West cloudy and the number of days with precipitation “as usual”, and in the Southeast, signs “promise” a predominance of rainy weather and rains. You can expect this spring and large river flooding.

Let me remind you, when we think that spring has already started? Phenology is considered the beginning of spring with the first snow in the suburbs is usually the case 18.03. Meteorologists at the beginning of spring take day with a steady transition of average daily temperature above +0. in the suburbs it 03.04. But in people spring starts with the arrival of rook – “rook has arrived, spring has brought” that, on average, on 12 March.

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