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In the Parliament condemned the failure of the LGBT festival in Lviv

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В Раде осудили срыв ЛГБТ-фестиваля во Львове

The Committee on human rights, national minorities and interethnic relations of the Verkhovna Rada demands the immediate investigation of the incident with the breakdown of the LGBT festival, although massive violations of the rights of citizens of Ukraine pays attention.

The corresponding statement initiated by the Committee was posted on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

“In the democratic constitutional state which is committed to European values, an unacceptable arbitrariness. Each and each must obey the law, and in case of its violation, it is fair to bear responsibility”, — said in a statement.

The MPs believe that the European integration of Ukraine is inseparably linked with the tolerant and inclusive society, as well as, including, with the “respect for people of different sexual orientation and gender identity”.

The incident was commented by the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. He condemned the failure of “festival of equality”, which is planned to be held at the Lviv LGBT community.

“Bad news, “Festival of equality” in Lviv was unable to take place due to violent protests. Intolerance in Lviv contrary to the European future, the Ukrainians for which so many sacrificed,” wrote Pyatt in his microblog on Twitter.



Their indignation at the event also expressed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

“Condemns the attack on LGBT activists in Lviv. Hatred undermines the unity of Ukraine. Tolerance and non-discrimination make Ukraine stronger,” wrote the diplomat.

In addition, the British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough in support of the LGBT community confessed to sexual orientation.

As previously reported, the Lviv district administrative court fully satisfied the claim of the National police and dismissed the application LBGT community about the conduct of the March 19 rally on the square in front of the Opera house on Liberty Avenue.

The reason for the refusal was that the opponents of this movement have planned their activities at the same time and in the same area.

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