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American lawyers are preparing Maidan in Russia

Американские юристы готовят Майдан в России


The stronger Russia and a gradual recovery of its natural sovereign of the world situation, the collective West in General and United States in particular are increasing efforts to discredit the leadership of the country, as well as invest considerable resources, including financial and in the promotion of their ideological agenda and training the agents of influence in different environments of the Russian society. In this regard, it will be interesting to learn about unfamiliar to the General public in Russia structure under the name “American bar Association”. She is promoting the LGBT agenda in our country, as well as inspiring a different kind of destructive psevdodefitsitny projects. But first things first.

For a start it is worth noting that this organization was founded a long time ago – in 1878 in Saratoga springs, and since then is one of the largest associations of lawyers and practicing lawyers in the United States. As they say on their website the American lawyers, their structure consists of more than 400 thousand members, and 3.5 thousand corporate members-organizations.

Американские юристы готовят Майдан в России

Moreover, the American bar Association, and a special division for working in the industry representatives of the LGBT community. Here, for example, the Association expresses its full and unequivocal support for the ability of members of the LGBT community to enter into a full marriage.

Американские юристы готовят Майдан в России

Objectives of the NPO

However, I will ask the thoughtful reader, what are some vnutriarterialno the case for our Russian reality. As it turned out, the most immediate and direct.

Start, perhaps, with the American bar Association has a pretty extensive network of branches all over the world – is no exception and Russia. In our country this American NGOs started to operate since 1992. And since that year in Russia the project works Association titled “Central and Eastern European Legal Initiative” (Central and East European Law Initiative, CEELI).

The stated key goal of this program is to promote the rule of law by supporting legal reform in emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, creating the legal infrastructure necessary for lasting foundations of democracy and the system of market relations.

About what goals actually pursued the American bar Association says only the fact that the funding of its projects on the territory of Russia was carried out on the lines of the infamous U.S. government’s Agency for international development (USAID), whose activities on the territory of Russia was by our authorities eventually prohibited. Here’s what’s on the site is written USAID that funded the Agency’s program “legal support” has influenced the adoption of Land and the Tax code.

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Funding of NPOs

But the real fun begins, if you look at the reports of the auditing company Grant Thornton, which provides independent monitoring of the activities of the American bar Association. For example, in the financial report for the 2012-2013 year, the Association is accountable for providing her with Federal funding from the U.S. budget. The State Department through the guise of the Association in Russia is implementing a project on “combating xenophobia”. Stands out almost 130 thousand dollars – 129 497 thousand to be exact.

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Next on the list, apparently, is Ukraine with the ridiculous figure of 3 thousand dollars. The point is that in this country work, as will be seen, have been held and additional investments are required.

By line of expenditure on “improvement” of the criminal justice system are allocated significantly less, just over 3 thousand dollars, but it is only money that goes through Federal funds, in this case the U.S. Department of justice.

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But now, along the lines of “anti-corruption” struggle in Russia, the American bar Association has already received a decent money – 1 million 461 thousand dollars. Agree, not a small sum.

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Speaking about how much the Association has been able to develop funding from the above Agency USAID, which, recall, is the legal branch and the “roof” of the CIA, the report says quite clearly – more than 653 thousand dollars.

But in the Grant Thornton report for 2014-2015 shows an even more remarkable figures. So, for example on the program “Strengthening public oversight and monitoring” (referring to the sphere of human rights protection), Russia allocated 345 thousand dollars of public financing from the U.S. budget.

It is interesting to note that the American bar Association the following example is an intermediate link, a unique “hub” through which money received on account of the infamousNational democratic Institute (NDI), which, in turn, are allocated to support the LGBT movement in Russia amounts to 216 thousand dollars, or about 14-15 million rubles at current exchange rate.

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Let me stress again that Federal funding of the U.S. government, for which the Association reports. That is Americans for public money – hundreds of thousands of dollars – to support on the territory of Russia of gays, lesbians and transgenders. And this, as we have seen, is established fact.

Also for the 2014-2015 year on “anti-corruption” program of the American bar Association in Russia was allocated over a million dollars in budgetary funding from the U.S. Department of State.

It should be noted quite broad linkages over the past decades, the ABA has been able to establish, in particular, with the Ukrainian legal community. So, on the website of the Association of lawyers of Ukraine, expressly States that the Ukrainian bar Association is a member of the International bar Association (IBA), maintains close contacts with the Council of law and bar societies of Europe (the SWOT) and the American bar Association (ABA).

Meanwhile, the position of the Association of lawyers of Ukraine propagandy perfectly reflects the spirit and blindly following in the direction of the imposed Western legal paradigms of interpretation of the events of the period of the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014.

Here, for example, UBA condemns the so-called “antiprotestnye” laws, although Parliament recently adopted a similar law went great and objection on “human rights lawyers” have not caused.

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Personnel working for NGOs

If you talk about personalities, interest and specific representatives of organizations affiliated with the American bar Association.

For example, Irina Paliashvili – Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Russia – Eurasia of the international law section of the American bar Association. Educated first at the faculty of international law of Kiev state University, she then graduated from the George Washington University.

As a member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the legal group of the U.S.-Ukraine business Council, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Russia and Eurasia of the international law section of the American bar Association and a member of the Advisory Board of international rating publication Best Lawyers, Ms. Paliashvili actively supports the provision of direct military assistance to the Kiev regime. It also appeals to the so-called “Budapest Memorandum” calling for the US and the UK to provide military pressure on Russia.

This prominent representative of the American bar Association also maintains a fully Pro-American views in the domestic policy of Ukraine, speaking in support of such blatantly puppet figures like Yatsenyuk or Jaresko.

From the same Opera and the informal work of law Professor Michael Newton’s international project of the American bar Association on the protection of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, as explicitly says the site movements.org.

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But I work on Maidan and LGBT-related topics not only Ukrainian officers ABA.

Lawyer of the Russian office ABA Roman Borisov actively participates in LGBT seminars, as well as “anti-corruption” activities. March 6, 2015 he has spent in Novosibirsk the training session on “Standards and mechanisms for the protection of human rights”, aiming at supporting the development of a hotline for the LGBT community. 12 April 2015 Mr Borisov conducts training session on “Standards and mechanisms of human rights protection”, aimed at the training of hotline operators of the LGBT community. After 6 days, on 18 April, in Murmansk Roman Borisov is organizing a seminar on “legal aid in cases involving discrimination” aimed at strengthening the practical skills of lawyers and groups of the LGBT community.

Also very interesting the character is PhD Gleb Bogush, a former in 2010 and 2012 a fellow of the society of max Planck (Germany). In 2012 he was awarded a scholarship Foundation. Alexander von Humboldt (Germany) — Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium für erfahrene Wissenschaftler. Being a regular participant in many activities of the American bar Association and speaking as an expert on international law competitions and conferences, Mr. Bogush maintains contact with the following LGBT groups: “Children 404”, “Side by Side”(international LGBT film festival), the Russian social-hygienic anti-award “Golden enema” (anti-award for homophobes), Russian LGBT network (Russian LGBT Network).

The bogus as well as other related ABA representatives of the academic community spoke out in support of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, accused in the murder of Russian journalists. The article “the Substitution of the accused. Legal analysis of the case Savchenko” this indicates that Russian courts are not competent to try such a thing and that “rather, in the person of Savchenko judged policy of Ukraine in the East of the country.”

So, as it turned out, by our side, made a nest next network of anti-Russian organizations working on targeted promotion of the LGBT agenda in the Russian society, as well as actively supporting and sympathetic to Maidan anti-government agenda and, as you can imagine, conducive to the realization of this destructive scenario in our country. Americans are not shy and openly through their structure of the type ABA or NDI thrown into Russian society money by slacking the socio-political situation. Russian citizens need to have information about such acts respectable and law-abiding lawyers, and not look them in the reports of the auditing companies. And security services a good idea to check this NPO based on data announced by us and not only.

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