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In the Baltic States “vytsyganit” Eurodance

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

“Lithuania is good that they have done… Think I did not choose, and money vytsyganit the EU”, – said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking about the successes of neighbors. Indeed, the request of money from EU funds, or, in the words of President Medvedev, “cyganeria,” not only tactics and strategy, but also talent with art. RuBaltic.Ru remembers what was requested and what was received in Brussels the help of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Lithuania – Ignalina AEWith

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

Although the Lithuanian authorities had failed to persuade the EU to delay the timing of stopping the legendary “Ignorence” but European partners have generously agreed to Fund this process. On conservation and “environmentally correct” closure of the NPP in the years 1999-2013 the EU gave Lithuania 1,367 billion euros. For the period 2014-2017 Lithuania will receive EUR 210 million. After that, payments must stop that now bothers Lithuanian politicians.

Lithuania – Independence

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

Vilnius has requested from the EU money for the early redemption of the Norwegian vessel-storage facilities in Independence (“Independence”). The ship performs the role of an LNG terminal in Klaipeda. Owner Hoegh LNG requires 168,5 thousand euros rental per day. “We hope that the cost could fall another 20%,” – said the Minister of energy Rokas Masiulis.

Lithuania – GIPL

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

From UCITS “Connecting Europe” 295,4 million euros sent to Poland and Lithuania on the construction of the GIPL pipeline. According to the plan, by the end of 2019 pipe from Poland will be docked to the village Jašiūnai and will help Lithuania’s energy independence from Russia. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called the investment “very large” investments you’ll ever Brussels did in the gas sector.

Lithuania LitPol Link

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

Lithuania-Poland LitPol Link electromust also intended to inundate Lithuania cheap electricity and wrest the country from the clutches of BRELL. The cost of the Lithuanian part of the project is 108 million euros. Authorities have appealed to the same undertaking for collective investment “Joining Europe”. Brussels went to meet by giving the construction of substations and power lines in Alytus 27.4 million euros (67% of the amount requested).

Lithuania – doctor of science

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

From 2007 to 2013, provided Eurodance 210 training places in Lithuania. The authorities did not stop and began to look higher – up to 2020 the EU has pledged to transfer a total of 22.4 million euros to the accounts of Lithuanian universities on the development of doctoral programs. It is enough to free 400 doctoral degrees.

Lithuania – Kaliningrad transit

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

In connection with the entry of Lithuania into the European Union had some problems with Kaliningrad transit, giving the Treasury considerable revenue. The EU in response agreed to give Lithuania more than EUR 100 million. In the framework of the Phare programme, which helps new member States, 2003-2006 in Lithuania went the first tranche of 12 million euros. Later, until 2013, Lithuania regularly received millions through a specially created Fund for the protection of external borders. Part of the money spent on electronic monitoring on the border with Russia.

The Baltic refugees

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia together made one of the first who asked for money for accommodation of refugees from Africa and the Middle East on their land. Said no means no benefits, no housing. Brussels has promised to issue 6,000 euros for each refugee. However, to master money, probably, until fate: refugees are reluctant to go to the Baltic States.

Latvia – non-citizens

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

In 2007-2013 more than € 33.5 million has gone to Latvia from the European refugee Fund, European return Fund refugee Fund for the integration of third country nationals and external borders Fund. From 2014 to 2020 more are planned for 29.2 million euros. According to human rights activist Einar Graudins, under the enterprising refugees Riga knew of non-citizens, and squandering the money.

Baltic cross – border cooperation


На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

TRANS-European co-operation for balanced development (INTERREG) distributes money to improve links between regions. In 2015 the European Commission has written to 65 million Euro, Lithuania and Latvia for these good causes, in particular the establishment of good-neighborly relations with each other, including on social mobility, and the environment. 45.6 million received similarly to Latvia and Estonia.

Latvia – labour market

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

In 2007, Latvia managed to achieve on receiving more than 550 million euros for the education and employment of the population. Thus the European Commissioner for employment and social policy sought to increase employment of Latvians and contribute to the growth of their skills.

The Baltic States – milk

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

Suffering from Russian food sanctions the Baltic States has asked the EU to save the dairy industry. Lithuania received 14.1 million euros, Latvia – 7.7 million euros, Estonia – 6.9 million euros. But this is not enough. Only one movement of “Peasant Sejm” in Latvia was recently asked Brussels to fork out another 20 million.

Estonia – swine fever

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

An astronomical sum of 790 million euros for 2015 bargained his Estonia, the money went to eliminate the consequences of the epidemic of African swine fever. Latvia at this time has requested to more than 300 million euros for the same purpose.

Estonia – retired

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьгиRemind the EU about the fate of the residents of the elderly. So, in 2014 Estonia has successfully “knocked out” from the EU budget of 21 million euros in order to pay benefits to pensioners, which was unspeakably happy to local Ministry of social protection.

Estonia – museums

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

In 2016 at Tallinn Napoleonic plans in the cultural sphere. Here too to eat than profit from the EU: EUR 20 million were allocated to the Museum of the Estonian people, participation in international book fairs and modernization of museums.

Estonia – Baltic Gas Interconnector

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

5.4 million Euro European Commission “unbuckled” at the gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia. Part of the money will receive the contractor of the Estonian Elering AS Gaas. It is possible that the Estonians in the future will learn more everdene, because the Finns refused initial plans to build a larger LNG terminal.

Estonia – housing

На что Прибалтика "выцыганила" евроденьги

In 2015, the EU took a very “down-to-earth”, everyday thing – the renovation of apartment buildings in Estonia. For this purpose Tallinn urged the EU to help solve the problem of dilapidated housing that had been issued to 102 million euros.

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