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IG sells Turkey oil at 12 dollars a barrel

IG sells Turkey oil at 12 dollars a barrel

Judging by the documents kept at the disposal of the RT, the oil trade with Turkey was carried out on an industrial scale. The shipment was from fields Kabiba, Rajura, Makhoul and al-kheir.

ИГ продает Турции нефть по 12 долларов за баррель
© Photo: RT
http://cdn14.img22.ria.ru/images/139569/29/1395692925.jpg” data-preview=”http://cdn11.img22.ria.ru/images/139569/29/1395692922.jpg” data-description=”Documentation of the IG on the production and trade of oil” data-title=”ISIS sells Turkey oil at 12 dollars a barrel” data-mediadate=”24.03.2016″ data-copyright=”© Photo: RT”>

MOSCOW, 24 Mar – RIA Novosti. The website of the TV channel RT posted the documents of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia) and the evidence of captured fighters telling about the oil industry Islamists and the export of “black gold” to neighboring Turkey.

From Turkey to Syria — militants…

The documents fell into the hands of the Kurdish people’s Defense Units (YPG) in the assault of the city of Shadadi in Northern Syria, and then transferred to the RT correspondent who visited the area. At the same time in the hands of Kurdish militias were captured fighters from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries that have talked about the relations of the IG and Turkey.

ИГ продает Турции нефть по 12 долларов за баррель
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Secret files of the Islamic state. Investigation RT

The city of Al-Shadadi — one of the largest centers of oil production in the North-Eastern Syria. RT documentary filmmakers came to Al-Shadadi just ten days after the Kurdish people’s defence units got kicked out of the fighters. After the terrorists left the ruined city.

“Most of the filming took place in Shadadi where lives about 10 thousand people. The ISIS fighters fled, leaving all belongings, including important documents that we found,” says the Director of the TV channel RT, which is for safety reasons.

When the Kurdish people’s defence units began the attack, terrorists had left Al-Shadadi, leaving not only documents, but also personal belongings, even shoes. “In some of the apartments we found the shaved part of the beard, because the fighters fled, dressed in civilian clothes,” he said.

Still, some fighters were captured by the Kurds. Now they have become an important witness is created and functions “Islamic state”.

ИГ продает Турции нефть по 12 долларов за баррель
© AP Photo/ Militant website

The Minister of defence of Greece: most of the oil IG goes through Turkey

Thus, the captured militant of Turkish origin shows that the majority of Islamists come to the IG through the territory of this country. Neither the Turkish authorities nor the guards would not mend them any obstacles.

“When I crossed the border, it was about 10 o’clock in the morning. No we did not stop. We smoothly crossed the border,” he told the prisoner of the Turks. According to his testimony, on the border there is a large number of the Turkish military, however, they do not interfere with the flow of wanting to join the terrorists.

“It’s important from a military point of view the area. But when crossing the border, no one interfered,” says the prisoner.

According to the action, this is because Turkey is using ISIS to their advantage. “Turkey and ISIS have a common enemy – the YPG (Kurdish defense units – ed.). Turkey itself does not want to lay his hands on, wants to get rid of his enemy by proxy” — said the prisoner Islamist.

ИГ продает Турции нефть по 12 долларов за баррель
© AP Photo/ Seth Wenig

Churkin: the intelligence services of Turkey can help in the recruitment of is militants

In confirmation of the fact that the militants freely cross the territory of Turkey, Kurdish fighters showed reporters bundles of passports of militants from different countries – Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Kazakhstan and even Russia. In the filming of the RT are of the passport of the persons with residence in the Saratov and Volgograd regions, Dagestan, and both female and male. In all these passports are stamped on entry into Turkey.

These documents, including Russian internal and foreign passport, came into the hands of the YPG militias following the taking of Shadadi. Under the assumption of Kurdish fighters, the owners of these documents, which they had to surrender after joining ISIS, most likely, already dead.

In return my passport rookie of the IG receives campaign literature. For example, the journalists of RT found in the “office” of the militants of the book “How to perfect the fight against the criminal Assad regime.” Characteristically, the book was published in Turkey’s Istanbul – its output, and the publishing house maintains an account in Facebook.

…and from Syria to Turkey — oil

Prisoner of the Turk-Islamist told that the oil ISIS sells to Turkey – and in such volumes that it can not be known to the Turkish authorities.

“Trading oil, I know it… Besides, they (the Turks — ed.) help ISIS with food and other necessary goods. IG is under embargo, it is difficult to get food. Then, they are helped with money, weapons, ammunition. This kind of help. And all this is done openly,” says a Turkish fighter.

RIA Novosti http://ria.ru/world/20160324/1395868033.html#ixzz43nhvSVaD

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