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How to celebrate Easter and not to end up in the hospital

Как отметить Пасху и не угодить в больницуHow to get out from behind the Easter table and not to harm your health.

Ahead of us a glorious feast of Easter, which is usually celebrated with abundant feasts. But doctors are advised to closely monitor holiday diet not only people with chronic diseases, and all. Excessive eating-especially protein foods can cause failure even in a healthy body.

On each table through the efforts of hostesses will be all sorts of Goodies and smoked, fried, baked, spicy, seasoned, mayonnaise – each dish will want to try it, especially those who are more than 40 days adhered to strict conditions of lent. If you do not know the measure and to mix different products, the celebration can finish in the first day and in a hospital bed.

Doctors have long noticed that the statistics of calls to hospitals increases markedly in the first days after fasting, when people manage to make up for the abstinence and eat lots of different food.

Nutritionists say that the gastro-intestinal tract after fasting should recover gradually, cautiously enter in the menu the products that long time in the diet was not. To restore the stomach, the pancreas need more than one day.

So at the festive table it is important to carefully monitor the diet – those who go from fasting are allowed to eat for Breakfast two eggs with horseradish and a piece of Easter. For lunch and dinner you can eat foods that are eaten during lent: vegetables, vegetable soups, porridge. And on the second day the menu is about the same, and only then you can gradually expand protein diet. Over the eggs for ease of assimilation are milk proteins, fish, chicken, pork. But goose, lamb, beef contain heavy proteins. They can moderately eat only on Sunday.

The nutritionist explains that during fasting the human digestive system worked with less stress, “power saving” mode. That’s why overeating, especially a mixture of a large variety of protein dishes (ham, sausages, roasted meat) can cause the inflammation of the stomach or intestines, biliary colic.

Also extremely cautious during the holidays should be people with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and urinary systems. They should remember that when hit in the stomach several different types of protein, starts increased allocation of various gastric juices to digest this food. Exorbitant burden on the stomach can lead to feeling of heaviness, bloating, constipation and even poisoning. Therefore, it is better to eat one kind of protein food at a time.

And yet doctors do not recommend to start a festive meal with salad (there is an opinion that will not gain extra pounds) – they only take away all gastric juice, and so little. And when, after the stomach gets meat or other protein foods, their digestion juice will not remain. It happens aggravation of intestinal dysbiosis.

So, before the meal to prepare the stomach to work five minutes before eating should drink an aperitif let it be 100 grams of dry wine or 50 grams of vodka, a salty or spicy seasoning, meat broths.

And finally, nutritionists recommend after the holiday feast to say no to dessert is definitely harmful to the stomach and intestines. Give your body time to digest your main meal and do not mix all at once. So the stomach can accommodate, and the food will not be processed and will rot in the stomach, causing discomfort, nausea and vomiting.

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