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Giant of the Northern lights seen in the atmosphere of Jupiter

Гигантские северные сияния замечены в атмосфере Юпитера

In studies of the magnetosphere of Jupiter, scientists have established new astonishing facts of the giant flares seen in x-ray light. Data flash brighter than the light of the Sun, occur at intervals of 26 minutes. The effect in question is caused by the impact of powerful solar storm on the magnetosphere of Jupiter, near the North pole. Northern lights of Jupiter is hundreds of times brighter than its counterpart on Earth, it occurs in the result of the interaction of the planet’s magnetic field with charged particles emanating from the Solar corona. Despite the fact that this phenomenon is fairly well understood by the scientific staff after new observations, scientists have created new unresolved issues.

From the publication of the scientific journal Journal of Geophysical Research in 2011 from the crown of the Sun was thrown out, the mass of magnetized plasma, which then collided with the magnetic field of Jupiter. If a similar effect occurs on Earth, the Northern lights, but given the fact that on Jupiter the Northern lights occurs constantly, this phenomenon has increased the Northern lights. The ripple of Northern lights increased to 26 minutes instead of the usual 45. Also, flash x-ray were recorded where previously there was none, and during the solar storm, Northern lights size exceeds the size of the surface of our planet.

Scientists – astrophysicists believe that more detailed calculations it is necessary to wait, when sent by the NASA Juno will reach the border clashes of the magnetosphere of Jupiter and the solar wind. It is estimated this will occur in summer 2016. A detailed study of the Northern lights of Jupiter, will allow scientists to shed light on many issues associated with exoplanets, which can give rise to life, which is associated with magneto – active processes.

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