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Found the black hole, giving birth to stars

Найдена черная дыра, рождающая звездыNakhodka is located at a distance of a billion light years from Earth.

An international group of scientists made the discovery by observing distant galaxy cluster. It turned out that the source of gas falling onto the galaxy core, are cold molecular clouds. And close to a black hole they activate star formation in galaxies.

The subject of careful study, scientists began the cluster of galaxies Abell 2597, which was removed from the Earth at billions of light-years. In the work of the astrophysics involved a Large telescope in Parnasskii Observatory in the desert of Atacama in Chile.

Experts analyzed the location and nature of the movement of cold gas, which, it seemed, forms a massive accretion flow in the direction of the black hole, located in the center of galaxy clusters.

In the end, it turned out that hot ionized gas is only a shell, inside which are much more cold molecular clouds.

Under certain conditions they rush towards the black hole, which reinforces the processes of star formation.

Scientists also note that the distance that stretched these clouds up to a few tens of parsecs. However, their weight is approximately one million earth’s.

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