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For OnePlus 3 prepares the correct firmware

A few days ago we reported about the excessive amount of RAM in the smartphone OnePlus 3, which is simply not able to use all 6 GB of RAM and easily plays in the test performance of mobile phones with 4 GB. As it turned out, OnePlus know how grow hands of programmers who wrote the firmware for its new flagship, their limbs were transplanted to the desired location, and will soon be released update, which will reveal the full potential of the device. At least, really want to believe it.

At the moment OnePlus 3 very inefficiently uses memory, sometimes working even slower than the models with 2 GB of RAM. According to official arguments, he simply unloads from memory almost all applications with the goal of improving autonomy, but in fact it is anyone absolutely not necessary. In custom firmware under OnePlus 3 this restriction has been removed, and soon it will be removed in the official update that will be distributed through the air. How well will then operate the smart phone will show a new, independent tests, but let’s hope that these movements will really benefit.

Many users have noted a certain faintness of the OnePlus screen 3 — display does not like bright colors and issues instead of juicy pictures faded her image. This is again the fault of the software part, and in the upcoming update already sewn more appropriate sRGB profile, which will reveal the full potential of Full HD AMOLED screen Optic. In General, OnePlus 3 should be brighter, better and more powerful, but the release date fresh firmware is not yet known.

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