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Fans of Half-Life made a film based on the game

Фанаты Half-Life сняли фильм по мотивам игры In the Network appeared in a short film based on Half-Life.

It became clear that Valve is in no hurry with the release of the new game Half-Life universe. However, plans for the film adaptation of the franchise remain in force, and although filming hasn’t started yet, Director J. J. Abrams recently said that the project is on track.

The background information is nice to know that the fan community Half-Life still strong and ready for creative ideas to spur developers to become more active.

Yesterday in the Internet appeared new fan film Half – Life – Foxtrot Uniform. Despite the fact that the short film shot by fans, it boasts good special effects, lots of blood, passages to the first person and, of course, a self-contained story.

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