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“Fallout 4” will support formal fashion

"Fallout 4" будет поддерживать официальные моды

As is well known, cult, post-apocalyptic action-RPG with every day to expand in-house library of unofficial, Amateur mods that continue to be developed by skilled modders and fans of the game in one person, but it is not enough to ensure that the product is fully perceived and were satisfied by the diversity of different kinds of supplements, although they are on the Internet already gathered a whole bunch.

In this regard, for the work to rectify the situation and bring Fallout 4 to the ideal, itself took a team of Bethesda Game Studios, which announced the upcoming innovation, giving the game a functional ability to support now and the official DLC. About this good news boasted publicly Director of the Corporation, Bethesda’s Todd Howard in a recent press conference.

The head of the well-known company told the same and that 100 percent compatibility official content to the game will take effect immediately after being announced, the first DLC global – Automatron, and it will happen no earlier than April 2016.

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