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“ERA-GLONASS” will start without cars

"ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС" начнется без автомобилей

The requirement for mandatory installation of the system is fraught with outflow of cars from the market

Implementation of state system of emergency response in case of accident “ERA-GLONASS” with 2017 can significantly thin out the Russian market. In the context of the ongoing fourth year of declining sales costs of certification models in accordance with the new technical regulations may not be affordable for the manufacturers and mass market and luxury brands.

The extinction of species

That the automaker failed to achieve a deferral of the requirement to equip the satellite system new vehicles, it became known in early February. And while there is currently more than 90 percent of cars in the domestic market are sold without the “ERA-GLONASS”, the Ministry insists on a total ban turnover of these machines in the next year.

According to leading analyst of Agency “Avtostat” Azat Timerkhanov, it can lead to the fact that the market will remain only the most popular models. “Now there is a tendency to reduce range from many manufacturers, which tend to rely on well-sold car, refusing to import less liquid. A new requirement for installation of “ERA-GLONASS” can only strengthen this trend”, — said the expert, “the Tape.ru”

"ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС" начнется без автомобилей

Photo: Sergey Konkov / TASS

In March, the Russian market disappeared seven models of cars of the brands Citroen, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Cadillac and Mitsubishi. According to the President of Volvo Car Russia Michael Malmsten, in the nearest plans of the company to stop selling two other models. Last year the Russians have lost 62 models of cars, including very popular Ford Edge, Nissan Navara, Citroen C4 and Mazda 5.

But if we talk about the loss of market from 2013, when car sales began to decline, the account will go to whole brands: Opel, Chevrolet, Dodge and Seat. Under the threat of disappearance of Chrysler — from January to March, it was sold only eight cars of this brand.

The rich also cry

No less painful for the introduction of “ERA-GLONASS” can respond premium brands: the government was not prepared to make an exception for importers of small lots of luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Lamborghini and so on. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in January instructed the Ministry of industry and trade to work on this issue, however, the Agency concluded that the exception may become the rule for all importers: manufacturers go in for multiple deliveries of small quantities to avoid certification costs.

For a truly luxury brands new technical regulations literally like death: it implies, in particular, conducting two crash tests (frontal and side shots) to test the functionality of installed terminals “ERA-GLONASS” after the accident. Because of single sales, the destruction of two vehicles will significantly raise the price of the whole lot — especially when it comes to limited edition models. So, if in the year sold about ten Ferrari sports cars worth 25 million rubles, the implementation of the new security system will increase the cost of each car by about five million.

“Those premium brands that have unit sales in Russia may not go to great expense to conduct crash tests of their expensive production, so the import of cars to Russia could be suspended”, — says Azat Timerkhanov.

The luxury segment was the only one in the Russian market is growing from year to year, despite the crisis. In February 2016 it has increased in 2,7 times in comparison with year 2015, and this despite the fact that last February, a separate premium brand showed record growth: for example, Porsche then gained 119 per cent, and Rolls-Royce the previous year and even became the best for entire 105-year history of the company’s presence in Russia. The current surge in sales is associated with entering the market the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class — this month it was sold 112 cars, and the most part — in the Moscow region.

GLONASS to help

“ERA-GLONASS” is a system of automatic notification of emergency services at accidents and other emergencies on the roads. The principle of automation is simple enough: the car has sensors for detecting a peak overload these values, which triggered the airbag. If the accident occurred, the system performs transmission of data (coordinates, time and machine number) with the help of the navigation and information platform.

"ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС" начнется без автомобилей

Russia. Saint-Petersburg. Playground finished goods at the plant of General Motors. American automaker General Motors announced the withdrawal of the Russian market of the Opel brand, as well as most of the Chevrolet brand. Svetlana Holowchuk/Interpress/TASS

A distress call sent to the dispatcher via a mobile network with the best reception in the incident. Regardless of the operator, these data are a priority: for example, if the network is overloaded, some subscribers will be disabled at the time of the signal — the same information is transmitted on a single emergency number 112. After receiving the signal, the dispatcher must immediately contact the driver; if there is no response, the scene will be sent to traffic police car, ambulance and emergency services. According to experts, this algorithm will help to save up to four thousand lives a year — the number of people killed in accidents due to the fact that the help does not come in time.

The system provides for the placement of cars in the SOS button that initiates a voice call, as well as the option of communication via SMS. Protocols “ERA-GLONASS” compatible with similar European development — eCall, which is based on created now the system of global positioning Galileo. In addition to the free basic functions of communication with emergency services “ERA-GLONASS” can be used to monitor or traffic as search and security systems of car. Additional services will be provided by the operator on a commercial basis.

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