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Enraged residents of the Dnieper stormed a second-hand cheap clothes

Взбешенные жители Днепра штурмом взяли секонд-хенд с дешевой одеждой

A crowd of residents of the Dnieper broke a second-hand shop after the store brought a new batch of clothes. The Network got the video, as the Ukrainians fight and break down doors to get inside and quickly buy things.

It should be noted that this is not the first case when a crowd of people like that gets inside of the store with inexpensive, but hand-me-downs. Every such event is accompanied by wild excitement, and not only in the river, but in the other cities of Ukraine. News Agency “Kharkiv” told me about a similar situation in Nikolaev, when the mob demolished the door of the shop “World second-hand” in order to quickly get inside.

Today’s video shows how some potential buyers were literally thrown over the railing, but they persistently returned, as from the crowd shouted “Door!”, I asked them to hold and faster to go inside. It is worth noting that the inhabitants of the Dnieper did not spare each other, regardless of age and status, they were pushing and didn’t think about mutual respect.


This behavior of the Ukrainians can be associated with a low standard of living and wages. Despite the fact that according to some, the minimum wage in 2019 increased by 12%, compared with 2018, but it still is about 4200 hryvnia, which is not enough for a comfortable life within a month. Different resources claim about the average wage of Ukrainians in 10 thousand hryvnia – the money mainly produced in Kiev. In the regions, most often the average income is around 6-6,5 thousand UAH.

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