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Doctors told about the dangers of tea with milk

Медики рассказали о вреде чая с молокомExperts told, why not drink tea with milk.

Tea with milk is harmful to health of the person, such statement was made by experts, once conducted an experiment on the usefulness of tea and coffee.

Some people like to drink tea, some coffee. Everyone thinks their drink is useful. Scientists conducted one experiment does not prove the usefulness of the two drinks but the final conclusion which of the two drinks is more useful, has not been made. Scientists decided to put an end to the question of the usefulness of tea and coffee. The experts decided to find out which beverage is more useful to humans. The experiment took into account only the useful properties of the two drinks.

As it became known, as in tea and coffee contains enough caffeine, as well as the necessary human dose of magnesium. The benefits of tea over, unlike coffee.

However, it is worth noting that the tea is a lot more folic acid than coffee, which should be consumed during pregnancy.

In the end, lost to the tea, the more that scientists found that you can’t drink tea with milk because it kills all the nutrients. In other coffee and milk also can not drink, said researchers.

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