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Do you know how to count?

Do You know how to count? We have this problems on account is not offered. The task is very simple: it is necessary to add up the numbers from one to nine in this order: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9. And imagine that every normal child, and subsequently person will solve this puzzle in this order, which has offered to act as her teacher, that is, to “1” he will add “2” to the sum “3” it will add the number 3 will get the number 6, and so on, and in the end a normal child gets the number 45. Crazy kid thinks differently: he puts the “1” and “9” and gets the first ten, then “2” and “8” will get a second dozen, then “3” and “7” – the third decade, and in conclusion “4” and “6” is the fourth decade. It received four dozens of abnormal child adds the remaining number 5 and gets 45. When the future great mathematician, if I remember correctly, LaSalle, being among other normal children was given the task on addition of numbers from one to ninety-nine : 1+2+3 … +99, he immediately gave the answer is 4950, that is, forty-nine hundred of the resulting addition of “1” and “99”, “2” and “98” he added the remaining 50. Since this child was enrolled in abnormal and gained fame the world-famous mathematician. Where do You and Your children? And do yourself and Your children normal?

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