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Discovered on Titan river is filled with hydrocarbon

На Титане обнаружены реки наполненные углеводородомDiscovered channels are not too broad and grandiose can only be called a depth.

Automatic interplanetary station Cassini discovered on Titan (Saturn’s moon) flooded canyons.

Dedicated to the study of Italian and American geophysicists published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, briefly about it, reports NASA.

The depth of the canyons is equal to 240-570 meters, width — less than a kilometer. Education is filled with liquid hydrocarbons. Some of the canyons, located in the heart of the sea Lihei represent the channels where the liquid flows down from the surrounding heights.

Data indicating the existence of canyons, managed to get in 2013, when Cassini flew past Titan and made the necessary radar research.

The presence of canyons indicates that on Saturn was leaking active geological processes. They probably are still. In the future, scientists are planning more research this question.

Titan almost one and a half times larger than the moon in diameter and almost twice the mass. Surface temperature on Saturn is minus 180 degrees Celsius.

На Титане обнаружены реки наполненные углеводородом

The Cassini mission is devoted to the study of Saturn, its rings and its largest moon, Titan. The station launched on 15 October 1997 from Cape Canaveral in Florida and July 1 of 2004 went into orbit around Saturn. December 25, 2004 from the Cassini satellite separated probe Huygens, 14 January 2005 landed on Titan’s surface.

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