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DIA: in Russia continues to work at least two dozen troubled banks

АСВ: в России продолжает работу не менее двух десятков проблемных банков

The Agency on insurance of contributions counted in Russia more than two dozen troubled banks, the former management and owners of which are hidden abroad, informs “Interfax” with reference to the materials for the meeting of the expert-analytical Council under the DIA.

“The Agency is increasingly faced with the facts o controlling persons misappropriated assets abroad. Themselves such entity after the occurrence of the Bank has serious financial problems also often travel outside of Russia and are trying to legalize in a new country misappropriated funds to continue to use them for personal purposes,” — says the expert.

They emphasize that during the study of the activity of liquidated and restructured financial institutions, the Agency identified criminal acts of their managers and owners, resulting in damage to financial institutions and creditors more than $ 550 billion.

The DIA notes that often the persons guilty of bankruptcy of banks, the stolen property passed into the hands of relatives or from controlled entities. This is made of a plurality of fictitious transactions.

“The Russian legislation does not provide for the recovery from those persons in favor of the victim, whereas in foreign jurisdictions there is a legal mechanism for opening the corporate veil”, — stated in the message of the DIA.

The DIA and the Central Bank are often faced with attempts of owners of the banks deprived of licenses, to delay the court of bankruptcy to make it harder for the bankruptcy Trustee for the return of assets derived from the Bank before the revocation of the license, and create obstacles to challenging transactions of the failed Bank.

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