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Cultists rush to “science”

For the money, and also against the stupidity and unscrupulousness in Russia you can get anything you want.
Here the sect and Hubbard have penetrated to the editor “of the dictionary Ozhegov”: Dianetics there called “science”.
The publication “Peace and education” has released an updated edition of the “dictionary Ozhegov”, supplemented with Scientology terms. On one of the pages of the book it is claimed that Dianetics is a science dealing with the study of “regularities of functioning of the human mind and psyche”.
At the same time, it is not that other, as a doctrine developed by the founder of the sect of Scientology, Ron Hubbard, which supposedly should help the adept of the sect to fight with fears and unwanted emotions.
On the so-called Dianetics is based and the “Scientology doctrine”.
In Russia materials Scientology included in the Federal list of extremist.
Their production, distribution and storage for mass distribution on the territory of our country is illegal.
But still, questions remain about why the organization is not fully suppressed.
Probably, there is a very strong powerful lobby that supports the sect…
However, law enforcement will not be difficult to at least draw attention to the fact that, by using the sign, who still trusts the country’s population (“the dictionary Ozhegov”), the publication “Peace and education” inculcates in the minds of readers the strange idea that “Scientology doctrine” is the science.

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